Saturday, May 30, 2015

TShirts & 33 months!

Tomorrow we will have officially been waiting 33 months! 
As of now, our "target" waiting time frame remains 36-40 months. We are praying that we receive a referral within that time frame! For those of you in this process also, I received that time frame from my family coordinator. 

I don't have much to update on the adoption process other than that time mark. 

We do, however, need to sell these t-shirts!! They have been in our closet since the 5K in November. 
It. Is. Time. 

So.. First come. First serve. 

We will sell them for 10$ each. Please add 3$ shipping per shirt. Sorry guys, shipping just isn't cheap. 

About these shirts. 
They run BIG! Like really big. Like extra really big. 
I wear a medium and it is long on me. 

BUT they are so so so comfy!! I love my shirt! 

We only have sizes M, L and XL

Here's a picture of them! 

Ready. Set. Buy!