Sunday, October 20, 2013

Better late than never... September collage

September Collage
Better late than never :)
We have been busy since the month of September!  But September was a good one! We welcomed our sweet little Chip into the world.
These pictures have all been seen before, but I wanted to keep my collages going.
** Last date night before Chip's arrival
** Lee and I in the hospital waiting on little man
**Proud Big Brother the day Chip came home from hospital
**Another sweet baby laying on the lamb
** Chip's newborn photo session
** First picture of Chip after he was born!!
We are loving life as a family of 4.
Chip is doing well. He is slowly but surely stretching out the length of time he sleeps at night.
We are pretty sleep deprived but functional thanks to daycare for Miller and coffee!
A huge thank you to everyone who has brought us meals!! It has been such a BLESSING!
I hope to increase my blogging once I am slightly more rested. I have a few posts swirling around in my head :)
Have a Great Week!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Mama, come snuggle me."

I confessed in a blog post that I am not the best house keeper. I do a "decent" job but my house is by no means constantly spotless. 
I've been working on it.
One "method" that works for us is to clean up living room and kitchen after dinner/before bed. It gives me a jump start on the next day. If we by chance are unable to do this, I find myself trying to catch up the next day. 

Lee and I say all the time "Miller can destroy a room in 2 seconds." 
It's a true statement.
This picture was taken a few days after being home with Chip.
Our living room was cleaned the night before.

This morning I was re-captivated by the story of Mary and Martha. 
This story is so common that I need not dive into it in much detail. 
Luke 10:38-40 tells the story.
Mary is sitting at Jesus' feet listening to Him. 
Martha is rushing around the house hosting, cleaning and preparing. 
Martha gets mad because Mary isn't helping so she asks Jesus "don't you even care that she's just sitting there? Tell her to help me!" 
And I'm sure to Martha's shock... Jesus rebukes her. He tells her that she is worried about all these other things, yet only one thing matters... Him. 
And Mary has focused on Him. 

I'm Martha.

I desire to be Mary. But it's hard. So very hard. 

Last night, dinner ended. Lee began installing our new tv. Miller was running around like a wild man, jumping on boxes, dragging stuff through the house, and pulling out Tupperware. 
I loaded/unloaded dishes. Baby needs to be fed. Millers diaper needs to be changed. Lee asks if I can help him. Back to the kitchen after that. Tomorrow is Tuesday so all the trash cans need to be emptied, and taken out to the road. Lee can you do that? Prepare the bottles for the night. Change Chip's clothes. "Mama, I want to watch a movie on the bed." Perfect. Movie is in. Miller is happy. Chip is napping. Now to finish cleaning. 
I walk through my bedroom with 200 things on my mind to finish up before bedtime. 
He looks at me. Pacifier covering his mouth. He pats the empty spot beside him... "come snuggle me, Mama." 
Sweet.. I think. "in a minute, baby." I keep cleaning. Surely I can get all this done in only a few minutes. The chores keep piling. I forget. 30 minutes goes by. The house is chaotic again. 
30 more minutes goes by.
I hear a tiny voice call from the bedroom "come on Mama." 
I look around the kitchen and living room. It's still a wreck. A war rages. "I just don't have time to snuggle tonight" comes one voice. 
Yet another whispers, "he won't be little long." 
I look at Lee. I put down the towel. "I'm going to lay with him." 
Lee follows. 
We snuggled with our 2 year old. 
I'm glad we did. 

The dishes will be dirty again tomorrow. The house will need to be cleaned. None of that will ever end. 
Yet Miller, is one day closer to leaving our household. 
And on that day... I will wish that a 2 year old would interrupt my cleaning to snuggle. 

I context of Mary and Martha.
My days on Earth are numbered. 
Today I stand one day closer to eternity than yesterday.
My house is still the same. Chores today. Chores tomorrow. I will never completely conquer them.

But I must choose to "snuggle with Jesus." To stop. And sit. And learn from Him. 
So that when I see Him face to face, I don't meet a stranger. 
But I embrace someone that I KNOW! 
It's vital that I sit.
My eternity depends on it.