Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What do you do with your Christmas cards?

If you are friends with me in real life, you know that I love a Christmas card! If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have seen my post last year of our Christmas scrapbook.
For the record... NO, I do not love a scrapbook, although my last 2 posts may lead you to believe that I do. However, I do love the memories that pictures bring about.
So, I titled this post... What do you do with your Christmas cards?
Throw them away, stash them in a drawer, or attempt to hang on to them yet just like the sock in the dryer they just seem to disappear.
Well, here's what I am currently doing with mine (just our family card not every card you receive).
I have a scrapbook and I just add to it every year.
I said this is what I am "currently" doing because I like to keep my options open. I use tape instead of glue just in case I decide to switch to something different than the scrapbook in the future.
Keys to success (because if you are friends with me, you KNOW that I am the most unorganized person on the planet)!
** Keep it simple! Who cares if your writing is sloppy or you just stuck some pictures in the photo sleeves? You can always change it in the future if you want to. But for post-Christmas fatigue sake... just stick the cards in there and write Merry Christmas somewhere :)

** Use the Bare Minimum! As you will see, I only put our Christmas card and the kids pictures with Santa in the album. If you start trying to add ALL of your Christmas photos from that year, you may only complete 1 or 2 years :)
I'd love to hear your ideas on what you do with your family Christmas cards!
Oh and for the future, if you'd like to receive a card from us, just send me your address! I'd love to exchange!








Sunday, December 29, 2013

1 year of Collages!! Complete!

In January 2013, I made a goal to complete one collage for each month of the year!
I am excited to say that I DID IT!
Obviously, I got a little better at it as time went one :)
I think this is probably the first "New Year's goal" I have ever completed.
Thanks for bearing with me each month as I posted one of these! All for the sake of the blog book of course.
I plan to do this again in 2014 because it was super easy and I love the outcome!
Anybody want to join me in doing this? Send me a message if so!
Typically, I would just scroll back through my iphone pictures at the end of the month and put them all together for a collage (easy cheesy).
So, here it is!
2013 in Collages

Highlights in Nov.
lots of tough brother love :) and MSU football!
Family pictures
Chip turned 2 months old
Lots of snuggling


December was SO busy.
Here are a few highlights!
Blackburn Christmas Party
Riding the train around the park looking at Christmas lights
Tacky Christmas party with our small group! (so much fun!!)
Miller got a tractor for Christmas
The boys visiting Santa
Chip turned 3 months old
The boys Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Family picture on Christmas Eve

So there it is! 1 year of collages with the Blackburns :)
A lot can happen in one year! It amazes me to go from just finding out I was pregnant to my sweet boys sitting on Santa's lap!
It's been a great year! Looking forward to 2014.

Lee and I are beginning to think of goals for 2014. What are some of your goals?
My 2 so far:
Finish reading through the Bible
Complete another year of collages