Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet Kisses and a Fundraiser

Throughout our journey you will probably hear or see me write about "sweet kisses" from the Lord. I'm not sure exactly when or why I started using this phrase but I know it's been within the last few years! Basically a "sweet kiss from the Lord" according to ME is defined as a moment during my day when something happens and I know that the Lord did that especially for me, usually to encourage me or remind me that He loves me. These "kisses" come in all sorts of shapes and sizes :) God knows exactly how to speak to me- during all walks of life.

Anyway. This weekend we got a sweet kiss from the Lord. Lee and I have felt like we were on somewhat of a roller coaster over the past month or so. Weary at times. Ecstatic at times. Too many reasons to list here left us exhausted on Friday and Saturday. On saturday, my brother sent a text saying that he, his wife, my niece and nephew all from Mobile, AL were gonna drive up and stay for two days! A surprise visit! Normally I would have freaked. My house was a wreck. We had no groceries. And physically we were exhausted! Instead, I was so excited! They stayed from Sunday til Tuesday and we had so much fun! It was just what Lee and I needed! They loved on us, encouraged us and we are so thankful they came! It's funny how God knows how to rejuvenate us. I would think a few days here alone, resting would be the answer - but God knows we needed more than physical rest... We needed to be loved on and encouraged!

I must insert here how AMAZING all of you have been after the announcement of our adoption! We have received so many texts, emails, facebook inboxes, phone calls, etc from people encouraging us and just plain excited!! It's been awesome to see the Lord working! I cannot thank y'all enough for all of your support! I was a little overwhelmed at times (in a good way) from all of it!

And to top it off - we have our very first auction piece to help raise money!! Yay!! I absolutely love art. I'm only a rookie artist, but still love every form of art. Lee and I made this particular piece together. It is made out of recycled wood so every dime will go toward our process! Below are some pics. This will be a silent auction. If you want to make a bid then contact me in any way (facebook, text, email, etc) and I will "enter you in the contest." Once you've made a bid - I will keep you updated on the highest bid/bidder. You can bid as many times as you would like! Bidding ends next Monday February 27 at noon!

Bidding begins .... NOW!! :)

The size of this piece is approximately
17 inches wide
21 inches tall

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