Sunday, December 29, 2013

1 year of Collages!! Complete!

In January 2013, I made a goal to complete one collage for each month of the year!
I am excited to say that I DID IT!
Obviously, I got a little better at it as time went one :)
I think this is probably the first "New Year's goal" I have ever completed.
Thanks for bearing with me each month as I posted one of these! All for the sake of the blog book of course.
I plan to do this again in 2014 because it was super easy and I love the outcome!
Anybody want to join me in doing this? Send me a message if so!
Typically, I would just scroll back through my iphone pictures at the end of the month and put them all together for a collage (easy cheesy).
So, here it is!
2013 in Collages

Highlights in Nov.
lots of tough brother love :) and MSU football!
Family pictures
Chip turned 2 months old
Lots of snuggling


December was SO busy.
Here are a few highlights!
Blackburn Christmas Party
Riding the train around the park looking at Christmas lights
Tacky Christmas party with our small group! (so much fun!!)
Miller got a tractor for Christmas
The boys visiting Santa
Chip turned 3 months old
The boys Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Family picture on Christmas Eve

So there it is! 1 year of collages with the Blackburns :)
A lot can happen in one year! It amazes me to go from just finding out I was pregnant to my sweet boys sitting on Santa's lap!
It's been a great year! Looking forward to 2014.

Lee and I are beginning to think of goals for 2014. What are some of your goals?
My 2 so far:
Finish reading through the Bible
Complete another year of collages

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