Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jewelery & Clothing Fundraisers

Many of the Project 30 fundraisers are underway! Yay!! 

I wanted to take a minute to promote 3 fundraisers that fall under a similar category. 

Jewelery & Clothing 

These fundraisers not only help us as an adoptive family, but they also help women across the world. These are the perfect gifts for Christmas! 

So here are the 3 fundraisers. 

1) A Noonday Collection Party. This party will be hosted by Amy Stackler and Hannah Wallace in Clinton, MS on October 13th at 7! Please, please feel free to come over! It is going to be a blast. 

You can also order online! 

2) Keep Collective Social - this is an online sale by Jessica Thornton. Keep Collective has some awesome jewelery so get online and check it out! 

3) A Trades of Hope Party: This party will be hosted by Pamela Arnett in Brandon (near Flowood) on October 22 at 7pm. If you're in the area please stop by! It will be a lot of fun! 

If you can't make the party you can order online. 

A special thanks to Amy Stackler, Hannah Wallace, Jessica Thornton and Pamela Arnett (also Emily Cooley) for these 3 fundraisers! Thanks for being the village! 

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