Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Sad Email

On Thursday we received a sad email from our adoption agency. Not a detrimental email, just sad. The wait times for children ages 0 to 2 has increased :( It is now 18 to 24 months after Dossier submission. Our agency also said that if things in Ethiopia do not speed up that the wait times may very well increase again :( We are sad, but KNOW and TRUST that this did not surprise God. He has ordained the day that we will meet our son and the day that we will bring Malachi home. His perfect plan is not thwarted by government slow downs, but instead made perfect in it.

So what does all this really mean?
A Dossier is basically our whole lives packed neatly inside a folder full of paperwork. This paperwork is sent to Ethiopia, translated and used for our adoption process. We cannot submit our Dossier until AFTER our homestudy is complete. Our final visit with the social worker is this Thursday! Yay! However, that does not mean the homestudy will be complete Thursday. We still have lots of paperwork that has to be completed before it is finalized. So if we focus on this in phases... pray that all of our paperwork will be completed in a timely manner and that we will be able to submit our Dossier in the next few months! THEN... we will begin the "waiting" period - which is now 18 to 24 months. Hope that makes sense.

(Deep Breath)

How are Lee and I feeling over this news of extended waiting? We are okay. We are actually in a very content phase right now. I know that we are still probably in the "honeymoon" phase of adoption as we have only been in the process around 2 months. However, remember we have a 7 and 1/2 month old at home and life is still very much in a transition stage! So we are really good!! When I think about how LONG it will be before Malachi comes home, it makes me hope that time goes by fast... but when I think about Miller being 3 yrs old or even 4, it makes me really sad. So Lee and I have agreed to take this day by day and enjoy! I don't want Malachi to be in an orphanage any longer than necessary, but at the same time, I don't want to hurry time up because my sweet Miller is already growing too quickly! Just this week he learned to give kisses (more of a head bump) and take a few sips from the sippy cup!
Malachi, sweet boy... YOU... ARE... WORTH... THE... WAIT!!! I pray that you always know that!

I thought it was appropriate to share this precious video of a "gotcha day" to know that ONE DAY... in God's perfect timing... this will be us... wrapping our arms around Malachi for the FIRST time! I cry EVERY time!

Fundraising News!! We are planning to have a garage sale May 5th! If you need to do some "spring cleaning" feel free to send your stuff our way for the garage sale!

"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord."
Psalm 27:14

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  1. I just sobbed for a solid 9 minutes and 58 seconds watching that video! Love it!


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