Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog Design

Yay! Our blog design is officially finished! I have only put the header on the blog so far but doesn't it look good?! :) We love it!

What's going on with us? Finishing up paperwork, online training course and trying to do some fundraiser stuff. It's so exciting to know that we are nearing the end of the first leg in this journey. Time goes by so FAST! Our home study is almost complete and before we know it our Dossier will be flying across the ocean to Ethiopia. What a good day that will be! As for our household... Our Miller man is already crawling! I have very mixed emotions about this! My baby is growing up too fast!

Can I just brag on the Lord for a minute? He is SO faithful!! He knows what we need even before we realize the need ourselves. When we began this journey - Nov. 2010 - we did not know ANYONE who was adopting, much less anyone who was adopting from Ethiopia. And just this week I received an email from sweet Alison Schmelzer that was titled "Ethiopia Mamas coffee night!" It was sent to 8 mamas who are adopting from Ethiopia. 8 mamas who live in the Jackson area!! 8 mamas who will be gathering together at Primos right across the Spillway from my house to love on each other, encourage and pray for one another! It's so awesome to be surrounded by like-minded people. I am so thankful that the Lord continues to place people in our path to encourage us!

I feel like I could type this a million times and it would never get old. We cannot wait to meet Malachi. To have him home, safely. To love on him, kiss on him, and to hear him laugh. In all the craziness of the journey... My heart is reminded of why we are doing this every time I stop and think of the end result... OUR SON!

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