Friday, August 2, 2013

JULY 2013



Lee reached the New Testament at the end of the month! 2 years this boy has been faithfully reading through the Bible and he is moving from Old to New Testament!

Miller's first experience with fireworks on 4th of July!

River trip with Blackburn Family the 4th of July weekend
Miller and Blakely - buddies & cousins
Lee taking Miller for a ride on the knee board. 

Miller and JayJay riding the tractor at the deer camp

Lee and I painted the nursery!! Grey in color.

Miller Blackburn turned 2 YEARS OLD on July 30th! We took him to the children's museum to celebrate.
He is having a Mickey Mouse Birthday party this weekend.

Unfortunately, we did not move up any spots on the waiting list.
Still number 66 for an infant and 32 for a toddler :( 

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