Sunday, August 11, 2013

Miller's 2nd Birthday

Miller had his 2nd Birthday Party Yesterday!
He LOVED it!
I am pretty positive that he had absolutely NO idea that it was HIS party, but he ran wide open in the gym for 2 hours! We couldn't keep up with him!
Here are a few pictures from the party.

We had it at the MS Cheerleading Academy

The Birthday Boy!

This picture makes me sad! He's so grown now! 6 months ago we went to a party at this same location and I had to help him up these slides :((
Yesterday... he did EVERYTHING by himself.

This picture reveals the ENTIRE day... Miller RUNNING as fast as he could.
Literally, I couldn't keep up with him.
That's him and sweet Mary Grayson running to do the obstacle course again (for the 20th time literally)

The birthday boy got a small black eye. No worries, it didn't phase him.

Kemp and Ty Sumo Wrestling
Miller enjoying a cupcake.
Daddy was in charge of the camera during singing and he accidentally didn't get pictures or videos :))
I will operate the camera next year
Me and my little man
The "theme" was Mickey Mouse.
"Oh Two-dles"
The best family picture we could get.
This was a more realistic picture... Miller way too busy to participate!
Birthday parties are fun and chaotic.
The reason they are worth every minute of it is because they celebrate LIFE. 
We are so thankful for this little life named Miller that God has entrusted us with.
As I looked around the gym yesterday, I was thankful for all of the tiny little lives running around.
Each one created for a specific purpose!

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