Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year's Resolution That Will Change Your Life

Have you made a New Year's Resolution yet? Or are you still working on it like I am?

I was on the phone with a friend 2 days ago and this topic came up. However, this friend is oozing with love for Jesus so she of course challenged me with the question, "What are your spiritual goals for this year?"

Can I just insert right here how thankful I am for my community of believers? Seriously. Jesus has been so gracious to Lee and I. We are completely unworthy of the love, encouragement, support, discipleship, and accountability that you guys give us. Thank you for loving Jesus and loving us!

So in light of all the worldly new year resolutions, I ask you. What are your spiritual goals for the next year?
Do you have any?

January 2008.

Lee and I were on Christmas Break. We were in college. I still remember this "spiritual marker" in my life. We were at my parent's home in the delta. I grabbed my Bible late one night. It was stiff, still looked brand new. The pages even stuck together. It hadn't been opened in, well... Years.
I opened it to Genesis. I looked at Lee and said, "This year, I am going to start reading my Bible."
And I did.
My life has never been the same!
Jesus met me in the pages. He changed my life. I will never be the same.

January 2014.

Lee passed my Bible to me for my daily quiet time. When he picked it up he said, "I love to see a worn out Bible."
Coffee stains, torn pages, and handwritten notes throughout the scriptures. This is my lifeline. I cannot see how I ever lived a day without it.

So I challenge you. Make a resolution that will change your life.

Just a few ideas.

Start a daily quiet time, reading the Word.
Learn to practice the discipline of Fasting
Start a prayer journal
Go to church
Go on a mission trip
Read through the Bible
Read through the Gospels
Start a bible study
Attend a bible study

The List is endless!

Life is short. Don't go another year being stale in your walk with Jesus. Examine areas that need improvement (no matter how small) and I promise Jesus will meet you there!

Happy January 2nd, 2014!!

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