Saturday, January 4, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Ethiopia

I have debated sharing this until I know more details, but like one friend put it "I've decided I'd rather have you guys praying with me than praying alone."

So here it is.

The day after Christmas, my adoption agency's Facebook page exploded with news about meetings that had taken place in Ethiopia.
The meetings were held by government officials. They discussed different "issues," with adoption being one of the topics.

Here is the article that was released:
Ethiopia: Stakeholders, Public Has to End Foreign Adoption

The House of Peoples' Representatives and the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth urged stakeholders and the public to undertake integrated work to totally stop adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families.
In a press conference, House Speaker Abadula Gemeda and the Minister Zenebu Tadesse told journalists that stakeholders should work closely to end foreign adoption.
Abadula urged the importance to give priority to use local means to raise orphaned children rather than giving them away to foreign families.
He suggested the importance to establish and support local NGOs which raise orphaned children with the close collaboration of the public.
He urged stakeholders and the public to support these initiatives and protect children from any kind of abuse.
The Minister Zenebu on her part said the government is working hard to end foreign adoption and facilitate situations to raise the children within their community.
Over 9,000 children were adopted by foreign families during the previous years, in a yearly basis, she said.
Through various activities carried out over the past years, number of children adopted by foreign families reduced to less than 1,000 in 2005EC.
She attributed the success to implementation of various laws and increasing knowledge of the public."


Skipping all of the political jargon, the meeting adjourned with the notion that a strategic plan would be presented after approximately 10 business days.

Plan about what?
We aren't exactly sure, but many government officials desire to completely shut down international adoption from Ethiopia. There are lots of reasons why this is being petitioned.

Is adoption reform needed? Absolutely.
But to completely close down international adoption will be devastating for orphans in that country. There truly is an orphan crisis in Ethiopia. Many of the orphanages in Ethiopia are completely dependent on international adoption. The result of this would be for kids to grow up in overcrowded orphanages.

Parliament will give an official word (hopefully on Jan 13) on whether or not they will sign a bill for the closure of international adoption.

"Emotional" doesn't even begin to describe how I have been the past week. It's been r.o.u.g.h.
Very rough.

We have been praying, praying, praying. Praying for our adoption in part, but mainly praying for the country of Ethiopia that we have grown to love. We are concerned about our adoption, of course, but even more we are concerned about the lives of the orphans of Ethiopia.
I do not doubt for one moment that the Lord will provide another way for us to adopt. After all, this is His story, we are just walking it out.
We have said from the beginning that adoption is unpredictable (especially international adoption), so we have said since day one that we would keep going in one direction until God changes that direction.
Whatever His will is, we are open.

So we wait.

This week has been hard. Lee has been awesome! Covering me with prayer and encouraging me. He is so determined. He doesn't doubt like I do. One day, I literally couldn't walk through the house without crying because everywhere I turned reminded me of Malachi!

And Jesus.
Well... He has shown up and showed out!

Seriously. This journey is tough, but just this week in the midst of it, Jesus has given us the privilege of witnessing extraordinary things take place! Things that I can't even wrap my mind around. Touches of heaven that are more than I can explain. More than I can comprehend!

I have much to say. But it's late and this blog is getting long. Maybe I can write another one tomorrow.

Just please pray! And if you know someone adopting from Ethiopia, send them some love! We need it! These are our babies!

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