Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January 2014

I swear life is just flying by.
January came and went (I am kinda thankful because I hate hate, hate, hate  cold weather. God placed me in the South for a reason :)
The month of January for our family:
  • Ethiopia adoption whirlwind with threats of closure. For those of you unaware, Ethiopian adoptions remain OPEN at this time.
  • Miller went hunting with his daddy and they killed a doe. For most of you this is just a nasty picture of a deer, but for my son... it was one of the best days ever! He literally still talks about it.
  • Our two boys are bonding daily! It's fun to see them actually begin to "like" each other! Future best friends right there.
  • Lee and I built our first table.
  • It snowed. It stuck, but it wasn't thick. Miller is still a little too young to fully appreciate the snow. Honestly, I'd rather be inside cooking for my boys for when they come in from the cold!
  • Chip turned 4 months! Don't blink.
  • Miller loved snow ice cream. He called it "wee-wicious."
On the adoption front:
Still waiting.
There has been some movement in our agency in the past month or so. We have moved up a few spots (yay). However, it looks like we still have a very long way to go.
Ethiopian adoptions are proceeding as they were before "word of a shutdown."
The Ethiopian government continues to strive to make adoptions ethical and efficient. Unfortunately, we are just caught up in a lot of the change that is taking place.
I will be honest. We are weary. Would you pray for us?
We long to have Malachi home.
We think about our adoption every. single. day.
We trust God's timing. But it's hard.
I have told several people lately that sometimes we KNOW the Truth, but our emotions don't necessarily line up with the Truth.
So we choose to keep walking in the Truth despite our emotions.
And I'm so thankful for my sweet friends who pick me up when my emotions overtake me just a little bit :)

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