Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Adventurous Summer

I last blogged in May.
I guess that goes to show how busy life has become over the past 3 months.
First things first... our adoption!
Yes, we are still adopting!
Yes, we are still waiting!
August 31 will mark 2 years that we have "officially" been on the waiting list.
The majority of families are receiving referrals (matches) after being on the waiting list for 3 years. So we are confident that we have a minimum of 1 more year to go.
BUT... we are SO MUCH closer than we were 2 years ago!
God is sweet though. He has given us something to focus on for this next year. (not that we didn't already have things to focus on, but God simply inserted a new "adventure" into our lives that is slightly out of the norm).
So what are we doing? Where are we? Why the heck have I been completely absent in blog land for 3 months?
Around 2 years ago, a girl from Boston walked into my workplace. She had a funny accent and a weird story. She had fallen in love with a boy from Mississippi, packed her bags, married him and moved here to start a Military Based Christian camp.
Day in and day out we introduced her to life in the South.
We became friends.
Two years later God had creatively crafted together a situation that I am certain He had in mind from the day she stepped foot into my workplace.
Job changes.
Schedule changes
Adding a baby to our family.
Growth of Friendships
Stirred Spirits
A husband who craves to work outdoors
In April they began conversation with us about joining them.
April we prayed.
In May the conversation became serious and within approximately 6 weeks we had rented our home and moved to Clinton to join them for a year.
But you must know that us moving really has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with God's work in our lives, in the lives of our friends and advancing His Kingdom.
If you would like to learn more about what all is going on out here, check out the website.
I'm sorry that I didn't give more details. I seriously feel like I have writer's block :)
You can private message me if you desire to know more!
I am hopeful to write more blogs in the near future!
Here is our May Collage
Miller loves his dogs!
First time in the pool and on the boat Summer 2014
Chip turned 8 months old
Miller took swimming lessons
The photo right above "May 2014" was the beginning of our countdown wall to moving to Clinton. Miller was so excited to move to "Danyo and CeeJ's" (Danielle & CJ)
I need to get busy making our June & July collages!
Happy Wednesday!

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