Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5K Fundraiser!! Very Exciting!

We have been invited to participate in a 5K fundraising event on November 15 called Hearts of Compassion. We are so thrilled about this awesome awareness and fundraising opportunity.
Before I explain the fundraiser, I first wanted to address adoption funds.
I feel like it's important for people who are extending a hand to help us to understand exactly what funds are needed and where the money is going.
Our application to this 5K required us to write down all of our adoption funds. So I looked it up on our agency's website and my heart dropped.
$38,000 dollars!
Yep, that was the closest estimate I could come up with.
Here is the link to our adoption agency's website telling exactly where some of the funds go.
The best I can tell, we are approximately 12-15,000 dollars "in" right now.
So we still have a long way to go!
Now to the 5K fundraiser!!
Colonial Heights Church has had this 5K called Hearts of Compassion for 3 years now (I think). Anyway, this is the first year they offered it to adoptive families to use as a fundraiser. We are 1 of 6 or 7 adoptive families that are participating this year!
The race works like a St Jude Marathon or the Bike for MS.
Participants in the race try to raise money for the "cause." In this case, our adoption is the "cause."
Colonial Heights Ministry partner in this race is Lifesong for Orphans
If you have never heard of them, you should check them out. They are legit and great. We had to fill out an application with them so that we could set up an account for this fundraiser. Trust me, the application was VERY thorough!
So for those of you still confused about how this works, I will try to break it down a little more.
We need runners and walkers!
If you cannot run or walk because you live too far or are busy or just simply don't want to, that's okay! Sponsor one of our runners or walkers!
We don't receive benefits from people simply signing up for the race. Our fundraising happens through people sponsoring those who are racing!
One way that we are thinking about empowering our runners to raise money is through "sticker sponsorship." The idea is a branch of Tee Shirt sponsorships (you know, when a company sponsors a Tee Shirt, they get their company logo on the back of the shirt).
With that concept in mind, we are thinking about getting each runner to sell stickers.
If you buy a sticker, your name will be put on it and the runner that you sponsored will wear the sticker on the back of their shirt during the race!
We hope to have lots of runners with lots of names all over the backs of their shirts!!
So if "Sally" decides to run in the race and she sells 10 stickers for 25$ each, that is 250$ towards our adoption!!
I hope that somewhat cleared it up.
Let me know if you sign up and I will tell the appropriate people that you are on our "team."
Then I will connect with you and give you more details about the race including how to get sponsors, how to have them donate, getting stickers, and the "attire" for our team!!
If you can't sign up but want to sponsor a runner (including me and Lee) just shoot me a message and we can make that happen!!
Thanks for continuing to journey with us!
We are slowly getting closer to our little man!
We are hopeful to have a referral by February 2016! I know that seems like a long time away, but it's actually only a little over a year away!!

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