Monday, November 3, 2014

Handprints and Clearing up confusion

I wanted to post a follow-up blog about our 5K Fundraiser. And some very, very exciting news at the bottom of the blog! 

Here are a few details to clear up some confusion:

1) Our adoption 5K and the Down Range 5K (camp we live at) are two DIFFERENT races! Down Range trail run is THIS Saturday, the 8th. Our adoption 5K is NEXT Saturday, the 15th! They are two completely seperate events!

2) You can still sign up to race (in both races if you'd like). 

3) The handprints are only for our adoption 5K. They are not for the Down Range Trail Run (again, two completely different races). 

About the handprints... You guys ROCK!!! Seriously! I think we have close to 30 or more sponsors for our runners so far!! Yay!! 

Here is an example of what the handprints will look like when we wear them in the race! 

Do you want to purchase a handprint? 

All you do is make a donation (of any amount) to our Lifesong account and we will write your name on a handprint to wear in the race! 

Below are the instructions to make a donation:

Family name: Blackburn
Family account: 4909

Make sure you add those two things so that the money goes to our account! 

Okay.... Now for the exciting news I promised you! 

I received and email last week that stated this.... 

Dear Lee and Abby,


Praise God for the $3000 matching grantyou received funded by Colonial Heights!  Our God is an awesome Provider God!  

Ahhh!! I was so excited! So that means that every dollar donated into our lifesong account will be matched up to $3000!! 
Basically your donation is doubled!! 

We are so thankful and grateful! 

Earlier today Lee and I checked our Lifesong account. We were truly blown away by the generosity of everyone. Lee looked at me and said "things like this remind me that we are exactly where God wants us to be." 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. When you support us, you don't only help provide financially, but also emotionally. We are so encouraged when people step forward and support us. It gives us the strength needed to keep pressing on in this journey. Your giving results in us praising God! I was feeling very lonely in this journey prior to this fundraiser, but God is reminding us that we are not alone! 

Thank you for being such a blessing to us! 

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