Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5.5K for the 5K!!

Your support through our 5K fundraiser has literally left us speechless.
The 5K just sort of "fell into our laps" as a fundraiser and we didn't really know what to expect.
You responded to God's nudge to give and we are eternally grateful!


So far we have received approximately
and counting...
That DOES NOT include the $3,000 match that Colonial Heights is giving us!
So with the match, we have raised approximately
I seriously cannot believe that I just typed that number!
and counting...

I keep saying "and counting" because we have had several people come forward in the last few days asking if they could still give.
YES! The answer is YES!
8,500 is a lot of money, but we still have a good bit of money to raise!

One of the most amazing blessings of the 5K was an answer to a specific prayer that I prayed. 
I remember praying..
"God, I know You will provide financially, but I ask even more that you would show Lee and I that we are not alone in this journey. Adoption can be a lonely and weary journey, so could you just bring forth people to come around and support us?"

I remember thinking, "if we could get 30 people to stand up and sponsor us... That would encourage me so much." 

I sit here typing this today as I am writing over 87 thank you notes!!! 

Yes.... At least 87 people sponsored us...  
That is not counting the family members of the sponsors! That is simply counting how many donations we received!! 

So if we are counting "people" we could easily double or triple that number! 

Our hearts are full. Our words of gratitude fall short. 

Thank you.

Here are some photos from the race! 
It was a cold, brisk, beautiful morning. 
Colonial Heights Baptist Church did an AMAZING job on the race! It was almost surreal to be surrounded by so many people coming together for orphans... Which is always on the forefront of mine and Lee's heart.

warming up

The Blackburn Family before the race. The boys were freezing!
Our handprints

Sweet team of runners! A few runners weren't pictured in this photo.
Thank you Megan Stewart, Nicole Hand, Danielle Stewart, Stephanie Kitchens, Ben Kitchens, Chasity Bounds, Will & Alicia Mattern, Courtney Anders and Jennifer Crane for raising money for us and for volunteering to run!!

My sweetest friend, Megan Manuel. We have been journeying together for years! Immensely thankful for her friendship!
Lee and Will did a great job of pushing the 4 kiddos the majority of the race... or I mean... pretty much the ENTIRE race.
"Team Blackburn" after the race! Such a sweet day!

Lee and I said "we know we have some sweet, sweet friends when they will get up early on a Saturday morning to run in below freezing weather to support us!
This sweet boy is READY for his brother to come home!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!!

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