Saturday, June 27, 2015

4th of July Challenge

One year ago we moved to Clinton to live at Down Range. If you haven't heard of Down Range then check out their website 

We love the ministry at Down Range. Recently CJ has been running Manhood Academy for high school and middle school boys. We have heard so many stories from kids and parents about how their lives were impacted while at camp! 

Since we have lived at Down Range, we have gained a whole new appreciation for our military. Men and women who serve in the US Military are admirable. They love their country... Deeply. They love each other even more deeply. They have a brotherhood that is indescribable. 

And they love an American Flag! 

Since the Fourth of July is coming up soon, I decided to have a small fundraiser to raise money for Down Range's next project.... A paintball course! 
Construction will be underway very soon! 

My goal: 500$ 
(obviously this won't build the whole course but ever little bit counts, right?!) 

How I hope to reach the goal
Sell 10 wooden flags for 50$ each. Custom painted.

How you can help:
Buy a flag!! 
Or you could just donate to the CJ Stewart foundation if you don't want a flag! 

Why is this blog titled "4th of July Challenge?"
I am glad you asked! 
Instead of buying a flag for yourself, I challenge you to purchase a flag for someone you know in the US Military! 
If you do this, your purchase is a double blessing: Down Range plus directly saying thank you to someone you know personally that serves our country. 

Now for the photos! 

These are solid wood. 
Sizes range from 11x14 to 11x18. 
They are able to stand on their own. 
You probably don't want to have to have these shipped :-) 

Close up of the texture on the flag! This flag is a deeper red than the following flag. 

This flag is a true bright red. The wood on this one is completely covered with caulk and painted.

Baby boy flag! Would be very cute in a nursery. 

 Baby girl flag. Would be precious in a nursery. The blue is a little more tuquoise in person. 

ReAdy. Set. Happy 4th!! 

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