Sunday, June 7, 2015

Our Sunday Morning

Lee has been out of town for the past several days so this morning I was getting the boys ready for church... Alone :-) I think parents everywhere can agree that Sunday mornings have a natural chaos about them. For whatever reason, it is just hard to get yourself, your spouse and those wild kiddos out the door and to church on time. 
This morning my boys were playing with the money in their cash register. I was rushing around trying to get everything we needed when Miller walked up to me with a hand full of money and said, "Mama, I wanna take dis money to da church and I think I might cuuuld buy somfin there." I looked down at him and my initial thought was, "what in the world? We don't have time for that! And there is nothing to buy at the church!" 
BUT... Luckily I refrained from speaking any of those thoughts. 

Instead I just said "Okay Miller. You can take 2 pieces of money with you. But I don't think you are going to be able to buy anything at church."  

We resumed with getting into the car and heading to church. 

On the way to church I honestly forgot about the money. I had zero expectations as my primary goal was to get everyone to church on time and safely. 

We arrived. I unbuckled the boys and when Miller jumped out of the van I noticed that he was clinging tightly to those two very large, fake pieces of money. I smiled. 

It was a bustling morning at church. (They literally had to ask people to scoot over because it was so crowded in the service). 

When we walked through the front doors of the church, we just happened to see our campus pastor. I told him hello and when he began to greet Miller I said, "he brought that money with him because he thought he just might be able to buy something." 

Our pastor responded by saying, "Sure! We can find him something to buy!" 
About that time, the Preschool Minister walked up to all of us. The pastor looked at her and said (as if Miller's mission to buy something was his main concern) "he is looking for something to buy with that money he has. Do you think we could find something?"  She responded, "Yeah! We can find him something to buy. What about a pen?" So she led us over to the front desk and told the workers at the desk what Miller was wanting to do. So they "sold" him a pen. 

Miller just grinned a sheepish grin. He was so proud. 

As I sat down in church I was replaying the whole scenario. I was overcome with gratitude to be in this community and at Pinelake Clinton (our church). Two of the church's busiest people this morning took time to help a 3 year old purchase something with his fake money. 

I was reminded of the African Proverb "It takes a village to raise a child." 

There is such truth in that! I desire to raise boys who become confident men. I want Miller to be creative in his thinking and dream big. I want him to be able to make a decision about something and walk it out confidently. 

This morning a 3 year old boy independently decided to take some money along and buy something. There were so many things that could have crushed his plan and his confidence. However, a village of people came around my child. Miller will never remember that pen. 


Today a seed of confidence was planted in him. One day that tiny boy will be a man. Lee and I are fully aware that we need a village to help us raise him well. 

Thank you for BEING THE VILLAGE! 

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