Sunday, August 9, 2015

Project 30

On October 16th I will turn 30!!  Yes... The BIG. 3. 0. 
I cannot believe it. I am like "grown" now. 

Over the years I have seen many people do very cool things to celebrate their 30th birthday. One girl raised 30 thousand dollars to help with non-profit organizations. Someone else did 30 random acts of kindness. The list goes on. As I began thinking about my own 30th birthday, I contemplated how I could celebrate. I initially wanted to raise money to support efforts in Africa to provide clean water for those in need. But as I began the fundraiser planning, it was daunting to me to raise money for a cause while we still   have financial needs with our own adoption. Our heart is to adopt without debt. 

So I shifted gears. 

I have come up with a fundraiser and I hope that you will decide to be part of it! 

I am calling it "Project 30." 
The theme comes from the African Proverb "it takes a village to raise a child." 

It takes a village to raise all children, but it especially takes a village to raise children who have been adopted. We have seen our village rise up with fundraising efforts, prayer, encouragement and wisdom. We pray that we continue to see the village rise up once Malachi is home! We will need people to love and encourage our entire family. Y'all know I will need help with his hair and with navigating the waters of having a transracial family in today's society. 

So I want to do a fundraiser to celebrate my 30th birthday! 

I am asking 30 people to rise up and commit to doing an individual fundraiser for us. 

Yes... That's 30 fundraisers for my 30th birthday!! 

This will be impossible to achieve without you guys!! 

Here is my plan. This plan may shift if needed, but this is the rough draft. 

1) I need 30 people to volunteer to do a fundraiser. 

2) I will give a T-Shirt to each person who volunteers. Please wear your T-Shirt during your fundraiser! The shirts are awesome (thanks Jenn Crane!) 

3) I would love for all of the fundraisers to take place the week of my birthday - October 11-17. 
This is flexible if needed. 

That's it! I don't really have a "goal" for how much we will raise. I think my heart will just be so full to see the village at work for my son! We will be working too!! :-) 
After 3 years it is hard to get motivated to fundraise, so having you guys alongside me will help tremendously! 

Let's do a short Q & A to clear up some things! 

1) What do I do with the money I raise? 

This is the most important question of all! We are asking that no donations be made directly to us. Instead, we would like for you to donate to our Lifesong Account! This account was set up for us last November and is awesome! Your donation is tax deductible through them and it is guaranteed to be used for adoption purposes. Not that we wouldn't do that anyway!! We have been extremely diligent the past 3 years to use all funds for ONLY adoption purposes! We have a completely separate adoption banking account! But we can't offer a tax deduction if donated to us. 

And still... We love the fact that a professional organization manages it for us! 

We will chat in further detail personally about how to donate to this account! 

2) How do I sign up? 

Please contact me via Facebook (Abby Miller Blackburn), phone, or email and I will get you signed up. Please include your name, fundraising idea, and a potential fundraiser date/location/time. 

John Smith
Garage Sale
Saturday, October 17 @ 6 am
Your address 

Obviously we can chat in more detail but I will keep a list of all the fundraisers so we can get the word out!! 

3) Does my fundraiser have to be something big like a garage sale? 

No! Not at all! It can be as small as selling a piece of art or having your kids set up a lemonade stand! Please get creative!! 

4) Is there a minimum amount of money that I have to raise? 

Nope! Every dollar helps! 

5) Can you give us some fundraiser ideas? 

I sure can! But don't limit your creativity to this list!! 

Garage sale

Lemonade stand

Selling crafts (all you Pinterest people out there!) 

Using your business to raise money (ex: donate a portion of sales) 

Bake sale 

Pancake Breakfast

Tea Party (great for getting little girls involved) 

Spaghetti Dinner (or any dinner) 

Silent auction (can be online or in person, multiple or single items) 

The list goes on and on.
Here is a good link!

That's all folks! 

We are excited and anxious to see who all will stand up and BE THE VILLAGE!! 

In our weariness to finish the work God has called us to, we seriously need you. We don't necessarily need your finances (we serve a God who owns cattle on a thousand hills), but we need you to carry us with your prayers and encouragement! 

Let's have a birthday party!! 

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