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Since I became a Believer there have been instances that I literally laughed out loud in amazement of the Lord. Whether it was an answer to a prayer request or just something amazing that He did, my joyful heart in that moment knows no other response but praise and laughter. This morning... I laughed out loud in amazement of my God. My heart is joyful, not because of what HE did, but I am joyful because HE cares and HE hears me.

The story :-)

As you all know... Miller has his helmet for cranial remolding. Today marked 2 WEEKS since we received the helmet. Technically he has only been full force wearing the helmet maybe a week or a little over. We had our 2 week follow up (we go every 2 weeks until he stops wearing it).
A little re-cap. Due to Miller's age, they have estimated that it would take him 4 to 6 months (leaning more toward 6 months or more) to achieve symmetry of his head due to the drastic slow down in growth of the head after 7 and 1/2 to 10 months old. Everyone has told us to expect SLOW progress and the specialist told us we may never see full correction because we got the helmet so late. Every time Lee and I take the helmet off we look at each other and say "I promise i think his head looks better." But we would always follow with "there is NO way because its only been a WEEK!" So needless to say, neither me or the Orthotist expected to see anything today.
The orthotist walked in and we chatted a minute. He took Miller's helmet off and decided to make a few small changes. Then he grabbed his ruler "thing". I say "thing" because it's not like a normal ruler. I'm surprised he's even going to measure. It seems like a waste because we've only had it two weeks. Oh well. He looks at me and says, "I am not expecting to see anything, but I'm just going to measure anyway." He measures Miller's head... Looks at the ruler... Steps backwards... Looks at his sheet... Looks at the ruler again and says... "hmmm." There is a long silent pause. Of course I am wanting to scream "what?! What is it?" but I just stay silent. Then he says, "let me measure that again." He measures Miller's head again, and repeats the same silence of looking at the ruler then looking at the sheet of paper from Miller's original measurements. Then he utters words of disbelief and shock. He says, "It is saying that there has been change and that he has more symmetry." I just sit there. Honestly, not believing him. We both sit there in silence for about 30 seconds. Then he says what he has been thinking in his head silently... "the difference from the original measurement is so much that there is no way we were "off" that much in our measurements. If it was only an 1/8 inch I could say we may have just been off a little... But it has changed a 1/4 INCH and there is no way we were off that much!" I just smile. Then he says, "how old is he?" I reply "almost 11 months." He just continues to stand there in silence as if attempting to figure out if it is possible that in 2 WEEKS this child's head has corrected a 1/4 inch! Then he decides to measure the circumference of Miller's head to see if any growth had occurred and it HAD! So, he resolved that the measurements were in deed accurate and we have had positive change toward more symmetry!! Yay!!
Our orthotist is a Believer so although he was surprised today, I am sure he has seen the Lord do lots of amazing things.

What does this mean?
YES, we still have to wear the helmet. Honestly, as strange as it sounds... When Miller doesn't have the helmet on, he looks "strange" to me. The helmet has become our new "normal."

How long will we wear it? We don't know. We will wear it until his head has changed to perfect or near perfect symmetry. Then we will stop. They estimated that it would take 4-6 months for us to see change. We have see big change in 2 weeks so it could be 2 more weeks or it could be 4 more months.

Why (scientifically) did we see change today? Because Miller "COINCIDENTALLY" :-) has hit a growth spurt since he got the helmet! Change and growth can happen all the time but it's slow. You see the biggest leaps of change during a growth spurt. So... Depending on how long this little spurt continues will probably predict how much more change we see in the next few weeks. I "think" we only have an 1/8 or 1/4 inch until we have symmetry! So when we got home I made sure to get him to eat ALL his lunch! Even turned on backyardigans so he would be still and drink his bottle. Haha. I told him "baby you gotta keep growing!" #crazyhelmetmomcomingout!

The orthotist made some adjustments to the helmet to allow for growth. When he came back in the room he said he went and looked at some of Miller's pictures from the first day and he could tell that his eyes were more symmetrical today :-)

When Miller and I walked out into the parking lot... I just laughed out loud. My soul shouted praises to the Lord! Once again, I was standing in complete awe of Him! I was praising Him because of His faithfulness, I was laughing because I have been prompted to pray for Miller to be out of the helmet in 3 months and honestly didn't believe there was any way that could happen. It's been 2 WEEKS... How ridiculous am I to underestimate the power of my God?!? My confession.... I have been praying that Miller would be out of the helmet by September. I think I initially got that month in my head because we have a trip to the beach planned. But by the beach trip he would have only been wearing the helmet for like 2 and 1/2 months. I felt prompted to pray again specifically last night about September and had to fight the doubt in my mind that that would ever happen. I say it with my lips but my heart was saying "that's impossible, there is no way that much change could happen that fast, it's sort of crazy to even pray that."
2 MONTHS!! Try 2 WEEKS!!

Pleas join me in praying specifically that Miller would be out of the helmet by September - not because we want it... We can live through a trip to the beach :) But pray because we desire to pray the things we have been prompted to pray and we desire to pray believing God can do the seemingly impossible!

"Praise the Lord, O my soul;
all my inmost being, praise His holy name.
Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits-"

Psalm 103:1-2

Also, remember my last post about Anna's 30/30/30? Well last I checked the Lord had provided around 23,000 of her 30,000 goal!! She only has 4 days left of her 30!! If you wanna give - go to my last post and it'll show you the links!! LOVE her story and heart for the Lord!!

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  1. Oh, Abby!!!! I am in TEARS right now! I just LOVE how God is miraculously healing Miller's precious little head! Praise HIM!!! And I just live how He used your story today to encourage me to keep praying boldly!!! He can do anything!!!


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