Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miller's Helmet

       I'm sitting in the kitchen floor watching Miller play as I write this blog. I don't deserve him. He is much too precious for a broken person like me. I'm so thankful that the Lord entrusted him to Lee and I for his life here on earth. We got his helmet earlier today. It went well and honestly Miller's little world hasn't changed much. He is still the same boy with and without the helmet. I have been following him around the house (on the ground) just waiting on any sign of discomfort from the helmet. I get below his level to make sure he sees me and knows I'm there. It's overkill because he's looking at me like I am the crazy one! This kid hasn't even NOTICED the helmet! He's God's goodness wrapped up into one little 24 (or more) pound package! I will be honest. I am still emotional about this helmet. I don't know why - just am. BUT I am committed to keep pushing forward! I'm still committed to have fun with it and enjoy the journey, but for today I'm a little blue :) Please keep praying for us and for Miller. I pray that he will be just as content once he realizes the helmet is here to stay for a little while!

If you didn't know that Miller was getting a helmet and are wondering what is going on - please read THIS POST!
Now to the part y'all actually care about! Pictures!

Disclaimer:  When looking at Miller's helmet you will probably notice that it is not exactly symmetrical - it's not suppose to be. A perfectly round helmet would not do anything to help shape his head. The helmet applies more pressure to certain areas and has "gaps" in other areas to allow for re-shaping. The eyes are still a little low but they didn't want to cut anymore because over the next several months Miller will GROW and a helmet that fits perfect today will not fit at all in a few months. Just FYI in case you were wondering. 

Enjoy the PICS! Oh and don't forget about our fundraisers! Courtney's painting and the bottles!


pure sweetness

He is STILL into everything - including the cabinets!

I love HIM!

Still loves to laugh and "wrestle"

He is EXTRA hot in this helmet!! So we will prob be in a diaper most of the summer!

Pray for his little head :)

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  1. Praying for his sweet little head and you and lee. He is adorable and I just love how happy he is. I love how he makes you laugh. SO glad I got to spend some time with him saturday. His little laugh and smile made me forget about the things I had on my mind that day!!! God is good!

    1. Thanks so much April! He is definitely a joy to be around! We will be praying for you too!

  2. Love the pictures!!! Thanks so much for sharing them. Praying for you guys!! I started reading this and had to stop glad you went continued on with it. You are a great mom and Lee is an awesome dad. Use this season and soak up what God is teaching you. He's continuing to prepare you for the future. I love you!


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