Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick Update

I just wanted to write a quick update on Miller and his helmet! He has been P.E.R.F.E.C.T! I mean literally! He has tugged at the helmet ZERO times!! He has cried because of the helmet ZERO times! He honestly has maintained his normal spontaneity and craziness :) even when the helmet is covering his eyes he just goes on with life like normal! Truly truly an answered prayer! Last night was his first night to sleep in the helmet. We were so worried that he would wake up! He didn't!! He slept til 9 am! This child!! He is something! The Lord KNEW that I was weaker than I thought I was cause let me tell you - if he was tugging at it and crying I might would have had to be medicated to get through these 6 months! Seriously. This new mama didn't know how broken she could be over a little blue helmet!

A few funnies:
(public conversations will be interesting!)

Mom took Miller shopping and said one woman came up to her... Looked at Miller... Then back at my mom and said "skull fracture??"

Las night we ate with friends at Genghi's Grill (very good!) and we were running late (of course)! It was very crowded and our friends were already seated. We walked through the doors into a huge crowd and were immediately greeted by a smiling waitress who says (before we speak) "your party is outside, you can follow me right this way." :) She led us right to our friends and I said to Alicia, "you must have told the waitress to look for the blue helmet!" she laughed and said yes!!

Another friend "sees" us eating on the porch of the restraunt as she drives by in her CAR. I said "how did you see us in all these people?" She sweetly replied "I'm not gonna lie. I saw Miller's blue helmet!"

Another positive: We are easy to locate these days!!

Oh and my "sweet kiss" from the Lord on Thursday!!
Of course on Thursday I was still super stressed about the helmet. I was talking to my neighbor and he said "I saw where Miller got a helmet." I replied, "yeah" (insert monotone speech right there :) and he says "my daughter had one of those when she was little." He had a very similar story to ours! It was very encouraging to hear! And his daughter has a sweet little round head today :-)

Miller during a "helmet break"

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  1. I am so glad that his helmet wearing is going so good! He looks adorable in it!!! Can't wait to see you Tuesday night! :)

    1. Thanks girl!! Yes, so excited about coffee Tuesday!

  2. Sweet baby! Ok, this is making me feel better:)



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