Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dossier to AWAA

On Tuesday, I went to FedEx Office and made copies of all of our Dossier paperwork.It was a somewhat surreal experience.
Today, Thursday August 16th - Lee put our Dossier in the mail, sending it to our agency (America World). Our last 6 months - piled into one little box/envelope - placed in the hands of FedEx to travel across multiple states in less than 24 hours. My heart will be happy when it safely arrives! Lee said that he was nervous being in charge of mailing the Dossier. I told him he would do great and just to remember to TAKE PICTURES :) He did! He's such a good husband and daddy!

We are not "officially" on the waiting list until our agency says our Dossier looks good and they send it to Ethiopia. However, we are one huge step closer! Please pray that ALL of our paperwork looks good and that they can send it to Ethiopia ASAP :-)

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