Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Helmet Update

Monday welcomed another 2 week check-up for Miller's helmet. He is growing, but still no major changes in his head shape per the measurements.However, we all agree that his head looks almost symmetrical to the naked eye. The helmet also needed a lot of adjustments. Monday's visit took a while because of all the adjusting and brainstorming we were doing. Needless to say... my 1 year old became weary of sitting in one room and decided he would explore the entire clinic... on foot! No time for being held these days.

This is Miller attempting to measure his head :)

We couldn't contain this child! He thought the clinic was a playground! It wore me out chasing him around :) He was everywhere! Halls. Offices. Etc.

Further entertainment... spinning on the stool and "riding" the stool around the room.

When I took Miller's helmet off that night, I realized that he had a red spot where the helmet was applying too much pressure. Please don't gasp :) This is very common and we have had this multiple times during the process... but alas, it meant another trip to the clinic for adjustments the next day!

THE VERDICT: We are nearing Miller's "Helmet Graduation!" I cannot say exactly when it will be, but we all agree that we are on the home stretch! I am tempted to say that he may graduate in 2 weeks during our next visit, but I could be wrong. So, of course, I am planning "graduation" stuff :)) just in case!

Thinking about Miller's helmet graduation presents a basket of mixed emotions for me. Weird right? How could I possibly have any emotion other than excitement? I guess because I'm a woman and a Mama!
I have learned that when a stage of Miller's life comes to an end it leaves me with a mixture of sadness and joy, so why would this be any different?
  • Initially, one of the most devastating things about the helmet was how different it made my son look and feel. I know it's hard to grasp what I am saying, but imagine this: Every time I picked Miller up pre-helmet, I would kiss his head (a million times). Once he got the helmet, kissing his head became obsolete - it was kiss a HARD helmet or nothing. However, over time, the way he looks and feels in the helmet has become our new normal. Seeing him without it on is "strange" to us. And let's be honest... he is just plain cute in that helmet! It will be sad to know that I will never see him in it again other than pictures. My heart has grown ENORMOUSLY large for babies in helmets!
  • The helmet has been a lifesaver with a child learning to walk! I fear a concussion in the future without it!
  • It has been, yet another, season where the Lord was extra near to us in so many different ways - from forming relationships to healing Miller's head.
  • It has humbled us...  A LOT!
  • Gratitude pours from me every 2 weeks (or less) as I drive to the clinic for check-ups - thankful that this is only a short season in my child's life and not a lifetime full of doctor visits.
  • It has presented so many interesting public conversations and situations! I love a funny public story. I always have. There is something about them that just plain cracks me up!! It's been interesting to hear people who babysit Miller and take him into public come back and say "you weren't lying! People just stare or ask questions!" So, I think it's only appropriate to finish this blog with a story from being in public today! :))
Disclaimer: I tell these stories because I think they are funny and because I honestly do not believe that these people have malicious intent. I think they are just curious and display it in funny ways.

So. I took Miller on a walk down the street. I was pulling him in the wagon. Of course the "normal" things happened such as people taking second glances, smiling excessively, or the same kids riding by us multiple times on their bikes staring as they ride by. But the funniest thing happened when we were headed back home. We walked through the 4 way stop (we were going straight through it) and a truck pulled up to the stop sign behind us. The driver was an elderly lady. As she began turning right, apparently she noticed the helmet because she began to slow down... almost coming to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Her eyes were looking directly at Miller's helmet. She began squinting... tilted her glasses down on her nose... lowered her head to the bottom of the window... and even began to roll down the window to get a better look. I almost wanted to scream "I can SEE you!" Her truck is just coasting at this point. She continues staring until her neck has rotated as far as the muscles will allow, then she quickly corrects her vehicle onto her side of the road. She NEVER even made eye contact with me. She was staring so intently at Miller that I am pretty sure she would have bumped into another car if it would have been at the 4-way stop. She honestly just looked really confused about the whole situation ;))

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