Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pure Cuteness

On Tuesday, Miller had his 2 week helmet appointment. The appointment went well. His ears had shifted towards alignment by approx 1/4 inch (yay!). No major changes with his head shape (we still lack 1/16th inch to symmetry). They adjusted the helmet a little and we will follow up again in 2 weeks. I am hoping that we can continue wearing it through August and hopefully hit one last growth spurt! His little head looks so good!

After the appointment, Miller and I were walking through the waiting room to exit the building. We rounded the corner and I saw the most precious sight EVER! I thought my heart was going to melt all over the floor in the waiting room! There sat 2 little twin boys wearing little. blue. helmets! Ahhhh. Something about a baby in a blue helmet just makes my heart melt :-)

It was so refreshing speaking with the grandmother (she had brought them to their appointment) about their journey with the helmets. It was fun to hear her excitement about the twins hitting a growth spurt and seeing some improvements from the helmet in a short amount of time. There is something so encouraging about talking to people who truly "get" what you are going through! The good times and the bad in the journey. We didn't get to talk long because they were being called back, but I whipped out my phone and asked if I could take a picture! I just had to have one! She said "of course!" and asked me to text her the pictures as well.

Look at them. That is just too much cuteness for one picture. My heart can barely handle it!

Their mom had decorated their helmets so cute! They had their names on the front and baseball stickers on the back. It is time for Miller to get some decor!

I am not sure what is going through Miller's mind in this picture.
The possibilities:
- "hey dude... you've got something on your head!"
- "cool stickers!"
- "So that's what I look like in my helmet??"

Answers to potential questions:
1) No, we did not know them prior to this meeting. They just happen to have the same doctor and Orthotist we do and had an appointment after us.
2) No, not all helmets are blue. Actually... Miller's helmet was the first plain blue that URC had done. These two little guys got theirs after Miller. There are TONS of colors and patterns they let you pick from.
3) These two little guys are only 7 months old. Miller is 1 year.

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  1. Those are the cutest 3 little boys in blue helmets that I have ever seen!!! :)


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