Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Walk Down Christmas Card Lane

In 2009, the year that Lee and I were engaged... I decided that I wanted to keep record of our Christmas cards. I began a scrapbook that was very, very bare for the first 2 years... but I pulled it out today and my, oh my, how time flies!

Here is our walk down Christmas Card lane (spoiler for my 2012 cards because they haven't been sent out yet :)) So don't look if you love a surprise!

Oh and DO. NOT. JUDGE. the lack of creativity with each page. I vowed to make it SIMPLE so that I would actually do it every year! It's a guilt free book :) I do reserve the right to go back and edit pages when time allows... you could do the same!





I love how my sloppy handwriting is making all of you OCD people cring right now!

Oh. If you know this Santa in "real" life, I apologize if I have come across as offensive. I think he was just tired by the end of the day :) It gave us something to laugh about.

Merry Christmas guys!
Enjoy your holidays!
Fashionably, I have not even BEGAN my Christmas shopping yet!


  1. Your scrapbook is precious and priceless! Very creative!

  2. This is such a great idea!! I love that its simple but filled with memories!


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