Monday, December 3, 2012

Good & Bad News

Well... The good news is that we moved up another spot on the waiting list!! Now for an infant (0-12 months) we are number....

And for a little guy (18-24 months) we are number...

We are so thankful to have moved up so many spots in the month of November. Our agency issued approximately 12 referrals in the month of November, which is awesome!

However, (oh the dreaded "however"), overall the wait times continue to increase. The families that received referrals this month had been waiting 24-25 months. Because of this, our agency sent an email today saying that families should "currently" expect to wait 24-30 months before a referral. The "old" estimated wait time was 18-24 months. When Lee and I started this process, the estimated wait was approx 12 months :( so you can see how much things have changed.

Paperwork continues to be the hold up. By "paperwork" I mean the children's paperwork. The Ethiopian government has to issue clearances for these children to be adopted and with the new guidelines in place (in effort to make sure all adoptions are completely ethical) it is taking increased time. Our agency said that "the final clearance could take 1 month or 1+ years to obtain."

Please pray that the Ethiopian government finds a more efficient way to process these clearances.

For now... We wait! We wait in expectation and we rejoice in the Lord's continued work in Ethiopia.

The sad truth: We have been officially waiting 3 months. So, 30-3 = 27 more to go (if things don't change again). Geez that makes me sad to type!

Please keep following, encouraging and praying! It means a lot guys!

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