Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The Blackburn household lately.

• We have been loving the television series "The Bible" on the History channel.

Literally. It just excites us to watch it. Lee was watching it earlier today and he said, "I mean it's amazing to think that there were people who actually got to see, listen to and talk to Jesus while He was here on earth."
Now obviously, intellectually, we know this Truth, but there is something neat about seeing it acted out.

• I am 14 weeks pregnant today and beginning to get anxious/excited about finding out if we are having a boy or girl! We have no names yet for either sex. This child may be born without a name :) Lee firmly believes we are having a girl and I kinda have a feeling it's a boy. We will know soon enough.

• Speaking of being 14 weeks pregnant: I am feeling better! Nausea visits me much more rarely, and my fatigue has improved. Last week it was literally like someone flipped a switch and I started feeling better! I don't think I realized the fullness of how awful I have felt until I started feeling better! Praising God for carrying me through the first trimester!

• Lee says that I am nesting! :)
Yes. Nesting already at only 14 weeks pregnant. Either Lee is right or I am on a HUGE cleaning spree. We have literally been turning this house upside down.
Can I confess something?
I'm unorganized. I'm actually not very good at keeping my house clean.
There. I said it. All of you OCD people can gasp now :)
My house rarely smells like bleach. Clutter doesn't bother me. Cleaning does not come natural.
I'm very much "right brained." I'm easily distracted and it takes me hours to clean an area that Lee can clean in 30 minutes.
God created us to operate differently.
I want to learn.
Lee and I had this discussion today and he is so precious in wanting to help me as much as he can (even if that means hiring a maid :)) no offense against people with maids! Id actually love one :)

But my response to him was, "I want to learn. I don't need a temporary fix to a long term problem. I want to learn the skill of keeping a house together, while still living life to the fullest, playing with my kids, studying the Word, painting, etc."

So I'm trying :) my house will never always be spotless and that's okay! Notice I said "keeping a house together" not sparkly clean.

I love, love, love the Chinese proverb:

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

More on that at another time.

• On the adoption front:
We are currently completing paperwork for our "concurrent adoption." It's paperwork that has to be done by families who become pregnant during their process. We are waiting on our social worker to complete a letter on our behalf.
And we are waiting. Slowly creeping up the waiting list for our boy. But I continue to be encouraged by other families at all stages in the process!

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