Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yes, I am Pregnant :)

As announced in my previous post... Lee and I are expecting! I am 12 weeks pregnant today. I have blogged one time in the past month and a half. My lack of blogging is completely to blame on the severe fatigue and nausea that has decided to hang around this first trimester. Seriously. I have literally just been trying to survive. Remember, along with the nausea/fatigue, I have a wild 19 month old boy I've been chasing around. Not complaining. Just saying that blogging simply hasn't been a possibility.
My lack of blogging has absolutely not been because I have lost my fire for adoption secondary to pregnancy. Nope. Not even close. Lee and I are still absolutely on fire for adoption and for our sweet Malachi. Which leads me into the questions that most of y'all have regarding our pregnancy.

1) Are y'all still going to adopt? Absolutely!! Pregnancy hasn't ever wavered our desire to adopt. For those of you unfamiliar with our story - we were called to adopt before we even found out we were pregnant with Miller.

2) Was this a surprise?
That question is kind of hard to answer :)) I was NOT surprised to be pregnant again before completing our adoption (we've been discussing this because of increased wait times). However, I WAS surprised that pregnancy happened so quickly.

3) How does this affect your adoption process?
We will have to update our Home Study (which we would have had to do regardless).
We will continue to move up the waiting list (we won't lose our spot in line). However, IF we became "#1" on the waiting list before this new baby is 6 months old, our agency would skip us until our child was 6 months old. Then we would be eligible for a referral (being matched with a baby) .
But since the wait times have increased so much, we feel confident that our newest child will be well over 6 months old before we are next in line for a referral.

Thanks for continuing to journey with us! I am HOPING and PRAYING that the fatigue and nausea will fade since this trimester is coming to an end. Hopefully then I can do some more blogging :)

Please continue to pray for us! With warmer weather coming (yayy!!) we are talking about some fundraisers. possibly even another garage sale. I will keep you guys posted!

And pray for Ethiopia. Pray for the orphans there and for the government to be effective in placing kids in forever families!

Ceramic eggs for all my babies

This mama is ready to have all my chicks home!!

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