Monday, June 17, 2013

My Husband Has A New Job?!?!

I quickly inserted in one of my recent posts that Lee (my husband) has a new job. 
I honestly don't even know where to begin on this post. 
I wanted to write about it because we honestly haven't even told very many people about the switch. Mainly because it happened SO FAST! 

This was the picture taken of Lee's last day at U.M.C. 
Lee LOVED his job at U.M.C. He loves all of these people pictured above! 
And let me tell you... these people were so amazingly kind when Lee told them he was switching jobs. 
They said the sweetest stuff about my husband and his character. 
That week opened my eyes big time!
I want to thank all the U.M.C nurses for being so amazing!! 

So now to the Q. and A. 

Where is Lee working now? 
Lee took a job with M.O.R.A. (Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency)

Was Lee looking to change jobs?
Not at all! As a matter of fact, Lee randomly text me one day saying "hey, I think I am going to apply for a job with MORA." I think I laughed out loud thinking "really? how random!" We had never even discussed him switching jobs because he loved his so much. However, as discussions and prayers began over this new opportunity, I just knew that this was the next move for us.
And I was S.C.A.R.E.D.
Change is hard at any point in life. But remember... I am 26 weeks pregnant and that is a LOT of change! Especially with Lee's schedule completely changing.
But it's good. I can see God's hand everywhere.

Will Lee be home more with the new job?
Yes! This was actually one of the deciding factors! And so far - I am loving it!

What is Lee's "role" in his new job?
Nursing. Direct patient care. Getting patients ready for the O.R.
I don't know anything beyond that. You will have to ask him! But so far he loves it.

Hope that cleared up a few questions :)

Last but not least!
2-0 in College World Series!
Ms. State Baseball

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