Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 2013 Collage

Here is our collage for May 2013. 

May was a busy month for us :) 
Starting on the left and going down by columns:

*Jax and Rosalie's Birthday Party - Miller loved the cupcakes!!

*Blakely and Miller at our Garage Sale

*Eating at the Oyster House in Gulf Shores, AL. Our 3 year anniversary dinner... maybe?! :) 

* Family beach pic (more to come)

* Lee's last day working at UMC. :(( Another post on this later.

*We are still #68 on the infant list

* Celebrating summer time with Ice Cream! 

* Miller riding Uncle Rob's zip line

*Africa cookies we sold at the garage sale

* We are still #33 for a toddler 

May was a good month. A busy month. A "life changing" month. 
On the adoption front, we didn't have any movement this month. There were a few referrals that went out with our agency, but they did not move us on the waiting list. 
So... we wait. 
But there is some exciting adoption news swirling around... I will post at a later time when I understand the changes a little more!

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