Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Man's Name Is.....


Our new little man's name will be....
Chip Lee
We love his little name!
I guess this is our "official" announcement of the name, although we haven't really kept it a secret like we did with Miller.
Keeping the name a secret until the baby is here is actually probably the best way to go in my opinion! But that's another blog post, another day.
I think I will post pictures as I answer some common questions we get with regards to his name.

Just look at those sweet plates that some co-workers gave us!
Love them!!

Why did you not use an "M" name? You have Miller and Malachi.
 We just didn't. We did not intentionally use "M"s in the first place, it just sort of happened. So we didn't feel obligated to stick with "M."
Plus, who knows whether or not we will have more kiddos :)
 Isn't Miller's middle name "Lee"?
Yep! Sure is!
This is probably the "hottest" topic when it comes to Chip's name.
Be prepared to have your "social norm" socks knocked off!
We have decided to give all of our boys the same middle name.
Their father's name!
Catch your breath. It's really okay!
We like it! We have extensive reasons for this decision and honestly, many of the reasons are much too intimate/personal/deep whatever you want to call it to announce on this little blog.
It was not a "lazy" decision.
It was actually a very deeply thought about decision.
So, just to clarify.
We have a:
Miller Lee
Chip Lee
And will have a Malachi Lee one day!

It actually really cracks me up with regards to social norms.
The first question I posted above "why didn't you name them all with the same first initial?"
When people ask that, they're almost like "I cannot believe you didn't give him an "M" name!"
And honestly, what significance does the first initial have?

But then you say "we are naming them all after their father instead" and I swear people's mouths hit the floor. Literally.
Same initials = socially normal
Same middle name = socially ABnormal

We will take the latter. Our family doesn't fit the social norm anyway :)
Whew. Now I am off my soap box, promise!

 Where did y'all get the name Chip from?
This is a multi-layered answer.
We did NOT name him after our pastor - Chip Henderson.
We also did  NOT name him after the popular NFL coach - Chip Kelly (although Lee would like to claim that at times)!
Both of those men are great, but that's just honestly not where we came up with the name.
Our search for names began shortly after I found out I was pregnant.
With Miller and Malachi, the names came fast and easy.
Lee and I don't have a roster of names we like, so literally we were starting from scratch.
Over the course of the next few months, we would name off both boy and girl names and neither of us liked any of them. I literally don't think we said one single name out loud more than once before we discussed the name "Chip."
In March, I just began praying for God to give us a name. At that time we still didn't know if he was a boy or girl.
I don't remember exactly when it was, but I think it was when I was driving down the road one day. The name Chip popped into my head. As soon as it did, I had a gut feeling that would be the name (even though we didn't know gender yet).
I mentioned the name to Lee and he said that he liked it a lot. He mentioned some references to the name Chip from his childhood and said he had always liked the name.
March 19th I wrote in Chip's journal telling him that if he was a boy we would name him Chip Lee Blackburn after his daddy. If he was a girl, we still didn't have a name.
April 18th we found out he was a boy.
We never discussed another name.
It was always just Chip.
Chip's wreath for the hospital.
Is his name just "Chip" or is Chip a nickname?
The name Chip is commonly a nickname used in reference to the phrase
"chip off the old block" which means "like his father."
It is common for people to give their son the exact name as their father and then call them Chip. Much like a "Junior" or a "Trip"
But our little guy is just Chip.
We can't wait to meet our little man!
He should be here in a week or so!


  1. I love it! Congratulations!
    -Jami Thrash

  2. What an interesting name. I've never heard of the name chip before. Maybe one day they'll be resident chip?


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