Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Collage & Fingerprint Update

Here is our collage for the month of August.
It is so very hard to imagine that this is the last collage I will do that doesn't have our new little man in it!
37 weeks pregnant :) 

August was a busy month!
Starting at top left and going right:

**Miller graduated from his crib to a toddler bed :(

**Sweet co-workers gave me an awesome baby shower!

**Miller had his 2nd Birthday party

**Miller got a trampoline for his birthday

**We are STILL number 66 and 32 on the waiting list for Malachi

**FOOTBALL SEASON is here! Miller and Blakely at NE High School Football game

**Celebrated 1 year DTE!


**We finally poured concrete for our back porch! We still have work to do on it :)

Disclaimer: I have NO idea why my pictures have all of a sudden become blurry on this blog! It is driving me crazy! If you can help me, please message me!

Since we have been waiting a year now, our paperwork is starting to expire :( So we will have to start doing updates. We began with updating our fingerprints.
Praise the Lord for a sweet fingerprint lady who allowed Lee to go ahead and update his today instead of on his scheduled appointment tomorrow!
We are so thankful that the USCIS, FBI, whoever once again has our never going to change fingerprints :)

The most comical part of the fingerprinting session was when we were filling out forms.
It asked for my height and weight  :) Ummm....
I looked at Lee and said "this is a joke." (at 37 weeks pregnant).
So I did the best thing I knew to do. I chose a weight half way between what I weigh today and what I weigh not pregnant! It at least made me feel a little better.
The lady ended up laughing and saying "girl you could have just put you "normal" weight."
When we left, we attempted to remember how old Miller was the last time we visited this building. I found the Link to last year's post and I forgot that sweet Miller still had his helmet last year!
I love my little blue helmet baby!!

We are praying hard that we only have to update these things maybe one or two more times!
Praying hard!

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