Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We are having a baby tomorrow!!

Excitement abounds!

A son of the one True King will take his first breath of life tomorrow!

I cannot wait!

What a precious blessing of life God has entrusted us with!

And yes, I'm laying awake in bed because I cannot sleep! Too much on our minds!

Pray for us all! Just for God's loving hand to be upon us as we go through the next day of getting little man here safely!

For those of you following my twitter feed- you may get some random texts like my nurses hair color :))
The explanation is that it was part of a contest!
When Miller was born, we had a simple "guess the Birth weight" contest at work and the winner got a gift card.

So we "spiced" it up a bit this time and had 10 random but objective questions for Chip's birth.

My co-workers filled these out about 2 (or 3) weeks ago! A few of the questions are already answered.

Look... If you want people to participate in something, all you have to do is make the prize a gift card to a restaurant! I swear those forms were filled out and returned to me in like 2 or 3 days by 2 different departments :))
Their gift card is just to Subway, but that's a hot location in the hospital!

Anyway. I need to go to bed! Lee is insisting! And he's wise!

Here is a copy of the questions they had for the contest... Just for those of you curious! Some could have been "educated" guesses and others were totally random!

Chip's Birth Contest

1) hair will be:
no hair

2) labor (water break-delivery) will last:
0-6 hrs
7-12 hours
Greater than 12 hours

3) he will weigh:
more than miller
less than
same 7.13

4) his first cry will be:
immediately after birth 0-2 min
3-5 minutes after birth
won't cry til longer than 5 min after birth

5) time of birth:
12am- 7:59 am
8am-3:59 pm

6) abby's IV placement:

7) Delivery Nurse hair color:

8) day of week:

9) delivery room #

10) Millers first reaction:
Big smile
Blank stare

Tie breaker: birth weight without going over

This was a picture from our last little date night tonight before baby Chip arrives!

And lastly, this is a picture of part of my first journal entry to Chip. No one even knew we were pregnant yet :))
We have clung to this scripture this whole pregnancy!

Ok. For real. I'm done now :)

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