Monday, March 17, 2014

February 2014

February was a short, but busy month for us!
For those of you new to my blog, I post collages every month. I don't post them because I think that you desire to know the silly details of our family life. I'm honestly sure that you could probably care less :) Instead, I post them because this here little blog will one day be printed into a book for my family to keep and these collages help me sort of "scrapbook."
So, as some bloggers say it:
"It's all for the sake of the blog book."
Our February 2014
Top Left: Happy Birthday Lee!! 27 years old. We had a "morning date" at Another Broken Egg :) It was lots of fun. Of course we had cupcakes too!
Middle picture: Valentine's Day! Lee did so good :) We had a limo, dinner and he took me to buy cowgirl boots.
Far Right: Easely Amused with coworkers!
Left again: Miller's first trip to the Dixie National Rodeo. He LOVED it!
The boys in cute hats! This winter has been miserably cold, so we might as well have fun with some hats!
Chip's baby dedication! Chip Henderson is our pastor in the photo. They let big brother Miller join us for prayer :)
And lastly, Miller's long awaited quilt came in!!
Just for fun... here was our collage from LAST February.
Don't blink, ya'll!! Time flies by!
The realization of how fast time passes is a blessing.
It helps me keep my eyes on eternity because the Bible tells us that we are "but a vapor." We are here today and gone tomorrow.
Don't let life slip by.
One day, whether you're a believer or not, you will come face to face with Jesus.
Be ready.

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