Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our Home Study was FINALIZED yesterday! Yay!!!! We are so excited to have that HUGE leg of the journey behind us! I know that we will probably have to update it at some point, but that's ok! We are excited about this step. So what next? What does this mean? Unfortunately, it does NOT mean that we are on the waiting list yet :( but we are "almost" there! I asked our family coordinator if it was possible that we would be on the waiting list this summer and she said it was very possible!
So what's next? More paperwork :) I am about to speak a bunch of "adoption jargon" so bare with me. Now that our home study is complete, we can send in our I-600A application to the USCIS (United State Citizenship and Immigration Services). In a nut shell, the best I can explain, is this form allows the USCIS to begin processing our family's request to bring an orphan from another country into the US. Our sweet baby has to become a citizen, so necessary paperwork must be done! So this is where we are today - filling out the I-600A!
Honestly, all these forms are kinda over my head so please bare with my pitiful explanations! :-)

All I want to be able to type is
DOSSIER TO ETHIOPIA!! When I type that - we are officially on the "waiting list." It is only a few more steps until that day!! God has been so faithful in our journey this far! We are excited to keep watching Him write our story!
A sweet friend said the other day, "You know, we are always yearning for the end of stuff. Whether it's to get off work on Friday, to just get through this year, or to get through a difficult season in life. What we don't realize is that life isn't about the end... It's about the journey." Sarah, you should have quoted that :)
But the truth is, Yes, we long for the end of this adoption process because that will mean Malachi is in our arms and life with him begins. But to only yearn for the end is to miss everything that God is doing through this process and all that He is teaching us! I pray that He always keeps me content with His timing!

Stay tuned - we have 2 fundraisers coming up :-)

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!! Love this!!! I remember how overjoyed I was when our home study was finally complete! Great news! And even if you have to update it one day, the update is so easy compared to the initial home study! :) y'all are almost done with paperwork!!!!


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