Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sweet Story

Last blog post I wrote about the amazing financial blessings we received from the garage sale. This post I wanted to write about a few of the non-financial blessings we received from the garage sale. Without a shadow of a doubt, the spiritual lessons we learned far outweigh all of the other. God taught us so much about trusting in His provision, giving and serving. Those treasures will long outlast the monetary blessings we received.

I have two other blessings I want to share.

The first one is meeting our neighbors. April 28 marked 1 year we have been living in our home. We honestly had not met that many neighbors in the year we have been here. Sure, we would wave casually as we passed by and knew a few of them by name, but had not had very many lengthy conversations with them. Anyway, God just totally blessed those relationships through the garage sale! In the weeks preparing for the sale they would see us working outside and inquired about our sale. We were able to share out story with them and began to get to know them better! Some of them let us borrow tables and even came and shopped! We are rejoicing in those new relationships!

The other blessing is why I named this post Sweet Story. Like I said earlier, it has been almost exactly one year since we moved into our home. This was our first home to purchase, so you can understand that we were extremely anxious and put much much prayer into the decision. God graciously blessed us with this home and we love it! We met the previous home owners (and builders) on closing day. We spoke briefly with them and departed ways. One year later - The week before our garage sale, we posted an ad on Craigslist. Our previous home owners saw the ad and recognized the address. She looked me up on Facebook and sent me a sweet message about our adoption. She let us borrow some tables (and even came to the sale!) My favorite part of her Facebook message was when she shared with me that she and her husband had always discussed/considered adoption (they have 2 precious biological children as well). Anyway. I just smiled when I read about her heart for orphans. I love how God cares about the smallest details of our lives. Consider this: the home that we prayed so hard about and finally found/purchased was built by a sweet couple who have a heart for orphans! That same home is where we will bring Malachi home to (God willing). Some of you may say "coincidence" or "don't look to much into it." But I know better. God, who knows everything and is over everything, custom designed this home with all of us in mind! He cares about the details! He reminded me in that moment of something He has been teaching me the last 6 months.... "That He is at work even where my physical eyes can't see." That was my sweet kiss that day! Thankful for my new friendship too :)

Ok. Ok. So last but not least- what's the latest with our adoption? We are (anxiously) awaiting the final approval of our home study! Our Home Study Agency has completely approved it. They are waiting on our family coordinator at America World to review and approve. I know she has been super busy, but we are praying this week will be the week it's finalized! Please join us in that prayer!

Happy Mother's Day!!

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