Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Some people have told me that they don't know when I have blogged because for whatever reason they didn't see the update on Facebook. I know that Facebook gets so busy and there's tons of people to look at :) plus my wall can get busy as well and you may miss the update! There's good news! Follow us via text message (twitter).
KEEP READING! People who dont have twitter automatically tune out when I tell them this, but trust me :)
You DO NOT have to have a twitter account to follow us via text on twitter!
Q & A
1) how do I follow via twitter? Send a text message to:
In the message type:
Follow @journey2malachi

This twitter account is ONLY for our adoption process, so you won't be getting random tweets 24/7. I only update to let people know if I blogged or if something BIG has happened.

2) does it cost anything? No. Standard text message rates apply. So if you have unlimited texts, you're set!

3) can I stop following at any time? Yes! It will give you instructions on how to stop

4) can I reply to the tweets? No, not via text. It will be kinda "information only"

5) why do you have to twitter account set up? I plan to use this account as a way of sending out "mass text messages." As many of you know, sending an actual "mass text" from your phone is not always very successful. People don't get the messages til days later at times (if they get them at all).
The long term plan is to send updates from Ethiopia once we travel there. If I have Internet I will be able to tweet. I do not anticipate having time to blog while I am there, and I may or may not have Internet to tweet - but it's worth a shot!

Send me a message if you have trouble figuring it out :)

I just received an email from our home study agency. She said they had a few small changes to make in the home study and that our social worker is working on them now. Once those are completed and approved, they will work on finalizing!!

We are praying for THIS week on finalization!!

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