Friday, September 14, 2012

A Quick Rewind

Last week ended in a whirlwind. I confused some people about Miller's helmet, while other friends were left reading about my wreck on this blog followed by a "p.s. I'm done with my phone for a week :)" I guess you could say I left a lot of "loose ends." I will attempt to clear those up on this post.


The confusion came with these P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S cookies made by Rhiannon Bethea.

Seriously. She is so talented! Aren't they adorable?!
Anyway. I know we are getting close to helmet graduation, but can't ever say "for sure" when it will be. After his last appointment in August, I decided to go ahead and order the cookies from Rhiannon "just in case" he graduated! Rhiannon likes to have a 2 week heads up, so pre-planning an unknown graduation date is tricky.
I got the cookies on Monday of last week.
On Tuesday, I wrecked on the way to the appointment :( the cookies survived the wreck! Needless to say - we missed the appointment.
On Wednesday - Lee took Miller to his helmet visit (with the cookies in tow). They loved the cookies and Miller didn't graduate from his helmet. I would give more details, but my sweet, sweet husband is a "man of few words" so those 2 sentences are virtually all I learned about the helmet visit :)
His next appointment is next Tuesday! Will keep you updated.

Totally and completely my fault. I smashed into an innocent car. I was blessed that the guy I hit was nice and was more worried about me and Miller than himself or his poor car.
My car is totaled (it was old and not worth a WHOLE lot anyway).
We are praying and trying to make the best financial decision we can, so you will probably be seeing me in Lee's big truck for the next few months! Love the truck... don't love to drive it, but I am willing!

The beach trip was so good. I have a few blog posts to follow about the trip.

We are finally on the waiting list!!! Yay! Our agency tells us to expect an 18 to 24 month wait before a referral. I feel like we have just buckled in for a REALLY long car ride :)
This blog will continue to be a look into our adoption journey and I am sure other topics will come and go as we continue to live life (i.e. Miller's helmet :))

Thanks for following and encouraging us in this wild and crazy journey.

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  1. I am so, so sorry to hear about your wreck! Glad you are okay! :) Sent you an e-mail this morning. :) :) :)


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