Monday, September 24, 2012

Let the Countdown Begin

Believe it or not... the following decorations for our house were initiated by LEE!! He has been bugging me to do this. He even picked out the location in our house :) So sweet! So tonight... we drew, cut, strung, taped and measured.

We have some sweet, sweet friends THE SMITH'S who did something similar to this. Their agency gives out official numbers so they used that to countdown (They're number 1 for a little boy right now!!). They have loved on us throughout our entire adoption journey. Lee saw theirs in their kitchen. He LOVED it and has always wanted to do something similiar. We decided since our agency says we will be waiting 18-24 months that we would just take one circle off every month. We get to take number 24 down in a few days :))) Obviously, with the uncertainties in international adoption this is not a "for sure" thing that we will get Malachi in 24 months or less... but we are praying and will love moving one month closer to him!
We decided to do "zig-zags" because that's how the Smith's had theirs and it looked great.

Check it out :)

After we hung it, we were both just standing back proudly looking at it. I said "Lee.... it makes an "M."
Lee said "it sure does!" We both just smiled really big. There was something reassuring and confirming about that small, small detail.


  1. I love it! I just might copy! And our new guy is tentatively named I may copy the zigzag, too.

    We also implemented a Cookie Day on our monthly anniversary of DTE. I saw an adoption video in which the family went out for ice cream on their DTE date each month. I thought it was a great idea to "celebrate" the wait instead of dreading the monthly reminder that you're waiting. So, I am going to make a different type of cookie each month.

  2. Oh that's a great idea!! Yes, you should def do it. Lee said he wanted a reminder in our house that we could see every day :)
    Love the name Micah!

  3. Love cute! We love our countdown wall has been great for the kids too! Now, if we could just take down these last 5 numbers...:)

  4. We've been meaning to do something similar to this as well..


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