Thursday, September 6, 2012


My definition of being unplugged - to disconnect from social media and/or socialization with others outside my immediate family for a period of time.

Facebook. Email. Texting. Twitter. The list goes on and on for the different forms of social media we engulf ourselves in daily. It's entertaining. It's addicting. It keeps us up to date on the latest. It is downright exhausting at times. Before I brush my teeth in the mornings I have already checked my email, responded to any late night texts, and skimmed through Facebook seeing how late you stayed up, pictures of your kids, and your plans for the day. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy it. At least most of the time.

But still... I crave silence. Not just physical silence, as in a quiet house (ok maybe I crave that some too :)). But to truly disengage from the world and to allow my mind to rest. Seriously. This has become a foreign concept to me. My mind is constantly running 100 mph. Lee would argue that it runs more like 200 mph. Lee once read the book, "For Men Only" which is a book about how women think. :-) Lee said that in one chapter the author contrasts the way men and women think. He used the example of a computer. For men, they pull up one browser at a time. They completely close out of that window/browser before they switch to another. Symbolizing that men think about one thing at a time.
Women, on the other hand, open multiples browsers at once and instead of closing out of them, we just minimize them and switch to another.. and another... and another. All while the previous browsers are still open. This symbolizes how women think of MULTIPLE things at the same time.
Lee sometimes looks at me and says, "Abby, how many browsers do you have going??" He knows me too well.

Anyway. I say all this to say that I am long overdue for a mental detox!

On Tuesday morning, I woke up and bustled around getting ready for Miller's helmet visit. We were running late. What should Miller wear? Oh this outfit looks cute. He needs shoes too. I need to pack his bag. Diapers. Paci. Extra outfit. Don't forget the sippy cup. Grab the helmet cookies. Crank the car so it's not hot. Make sure to bring your purse so we can run by hobby lobby and wal mart on our way home. What groceries do we need? Dang I need to change Miller's diaper before we leave. Miller finish your oatmeal then drink your milk in the car. Buckle him in.
Ah. Finally pulling out and headed to the helmet visit. I need to make sure I call the photography lady later today. I can't believe we are running late. Crap. Miller is pouring the sippy cup all over his outfit!

Then it happened.

I smashed right into the innocent car sitting at the red light! Air bags deployed. I lost my breath for a moment. Scared. Shocked. Gathering my thoughts. Instantly remembered that my precious son was sitting in the backseat. I turned to look for him. There he sat. Perfectly ok.

Relief. Guilt. Embarrassment. Thankfulness.

Miller and I were ok and the guy we hit was fine too. His car was pretty banged up though :(

Abby. Slow. Down.
The rush is devastating. It hurts you, Miller, Lee and others. The results of my crazy busy thinking were devastating. The evidence was tangible. I smashed into that guy because physically I was operating a vehicle, but mentally I was thinking of 10 other things.

Slow. Down.

I'm not saying that to think of multiple things at once is always bad. In fact, that's how God crafted women... Distinctively different than men. But the rush of my mind has become a lifestyle. I have forgotten what it is like to be still. So that is what I am going to attempt to do. Rest my mind over the next 5 days.
We are headed to the beach this afternoon and won't return til Tuesday. I have pledged to Lee to put away my phone for the vacation. No phone calls. No texts. No other forms of social media. Just me, him, Miller and the Lord. I am praying that our time at the beach is refreshing!

The car wreck was just the icing on the cake. I actually started typing this blog at the beginning of August.

On a happy note! Our Dossier has officially landed in Ethiopia!! Eeek!

9/06/1212:02 AMADDIS ABABA 99999, ETOn FedEx vehicle for delivery

Officially been waiting: 6 days! It's a start :)

Have a great week! Thanks for following! See y'all next week :)


  1. LOVE THIS POST! Glad you are okay. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Let us know how your unplugged week went. :)


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