Monday, September 17, 2012

Expanding Our Knowledge - Beach Series

           There is something sweet and funny about being on vacation (physically and mentally). The mental vacation allows you time to think about things that you have absolutely no time to ponder on a daily basis. I noticed this when sometime along the middle of vacation our conversations switched from things like finances to "why is the ocean salty?" Below is a list of the questions we discussed - just for fun :) Also a little competition between Lee and I. Of course all the answers come from google :))

Question 1
  • CONTEXT: Lee and I were sitting outside eating at Shrimp Basket. I noticed the salt shakers had rice in them... which I see this all the time. But this time I asked out loud to Lee "why do they put rice in salt shakers?" Lee began talking about how the rice absorbs moisture etc. etc. I listened to him, smiled, then laughed and said "where did you hear that?" He responded "I don't know, but I am telling you I am right." His answer sounded goofy to me. He then said, "well, what do you think they do it for?" I stared at the salt shaker and came up with the best answer I could think of.... "because it keeps the salt from pouring out too fast :) "
    • Question: "why do they put rice in salt shakers?"
    • Abby thinks "keeps salt from pouring out too quickly"
    • Lee thinks "moisture"
    • Correct Answer:  Rice absorbs moisture and keeps salt from clumping. You will see it in just about every restaraunt (outside) in humid climates, unless the restaraunt changes the salt shakers daily.
    • Lee - 1      Abby - 0
Question 2
  • CONTEXT: We were sitting on the balcony eating dinner (around 6 p.m.) watching the people swim in the ocean. Lee states "I was always out of the ocean by this time of day when I was younger." Me: "why?" Lee: "SHARK FEEDING TIME!" Looking at me like "duh." I smiled and said, "Lee, that's probably just what your parents told you so they could get you out and go eat!"
    • Question: What time do the sharks feed?
    • Lee thinks "early morning and evening"
    • I think "ANY time!"
    • Correct Answer: They can feed anytime but generally they feed at dusk and dawn. I call that a TIE!
    • Lee - 2     Abby - 1
Question 3
  • CONTEXT: Sitting on balcony, Lee says very enthusiastically and seriously "Abby, did you just see that fish? It had WINGS. I promise."  Is it even necessary to type my response??? :))
    • Question: Does Gulf Shores have flying fish?
    • Lee thinks "yes!"
    • Abby "those were fins you saw and the fish was merely jumping!"
    • Correct Answer: Per google - there are 8 different species of flying fish in the Gulf of Mexico. More than 50 worldwide.
    • Lee - 3     Abby - 1
Question 4
  • CONTEXT: Sitting on balcony, Lee points to the ocean and says "oh my gosh! That was a sting ray jumping out of the water." This came about an hour after the flying fish so I said, "really? Lee. Come on." He said, "look for yourself." Nothing ever jumped when I was looking. "Lee sting rays don't jump out of the dang water!"
    • Question: Do sting rays jump out of the water?
    • Correct Answer: yes :(   At this point - Lee is grinning from ear to ear at this competition.
    • Lee - 4      Abby - 1
Question 5
  • CONTEXT: Me... pondering.... "I wonder why the ocean is salty?" Lee responds, "it's from the rocks." Me... pausing... thinking.... rocks??
    • no need to drag this out..... He was RIGHT! It's from dang rocks!!!
Okay. I quit. :) I lost 5 to 1 and only scored because we tied. Lee just said, "Abby, if I say the sky is falling you better duck." :)

Glad we could expand your wealth of useless knowledge along with us!


  1. Lindsay, it amuses me that I was completely sarcastic during all of these conversations and I was COMPLETELY wrong every time. Guess that's what I get! :)

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