Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember the Shoes?

Remember the shoes that I talked about (Ethiopia and Ukraine)? If not, here is the ORIGINAL POST about giving to a missionary in Ethiopia to fund shoes for some of the street kids there. Last night, the sweet friend who was collecting the money posted a more detailed blog about the kids getting there shoes!! She has lots of pictures included! I thought it would be fun to share and to thank any of you who may have given. We do not always get to see the result of our giving, so it is sweet when we see a glimpse of the impact. Thanks guys. Click on the link below to read about the kids.


Oh, and I cannot forget the shoes for Ukraine! My friend, Gray, does not have a blog. However, she returned to work last week and said that her mission trip to Ukraine was awesome! She said that she was able to buy all of the girls who live at Hope House a Bible and some boots! She said that the girls were thrilled to receive these items. She said, "they were happy about the boots, but they were most excited about the Bibles." Yay! We know that these sweet girls have Hope in Christ! For a re-cap, these girls have "aged-out of adoption" and are now living in a transition home. They may never know an earthly mother and father, but praise the Lord, they are invited to know their heavenly Father!! Pray for these sweet girls!

Thanks again guys for helping make a difference in the lives of sweet kids all over the world!!

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