Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Today was Orphan Sunday! I know that many churches are becoming more and more aware of Orphan Sunday, and it is exciting to see the movement in churches to answer the call of caring for the fatherless.

Adoption update:
Our "unofficial numbers" for the month of November are still the same.

Number 38- for 18-24 month old boy

Number 82 - for 0-12 month old boy

The movement is s.l.o.w.
Painfully slow.
This month, our agency placed some older children in homes, but no toddlers or infants were matched. That is why our unofficial number did not change.

Please pray for a flood of referrals in the month of November! November is such a special month.
In November 2010- God spoke specifically to Lee and I that adoption was His plan for us.
Interestingly enough, the month of November is national adoption awareness month :) God loves the details!

Join us in praying for God to place the lonely in families this month! We will keep you updated on any movement that takes place!

Trusting in His plan.

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