Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Blackburn Is A....

I went to the doctor for my monthly check-up yesterday.
The baby looked great! I even got an unexpected sonogram secondary to my doc checking my fluid levels (which were good!)
I am 17 weeks pregnant so she knew she would be able to tell me the gender.
Lee wasn't with me so I asked her to please not show me the gender, but to instead write it down and place it in a "sealed" envelope. She did a great job.
We had around 10 minutes to just look at the baby while we waited on my doctor.
So Fun! Here's a pic.

That sweet little child is growing!!

We had planned to do a "reveal party" but since this sono wasn't scheduled, our plans were altered.
Seriously. Once she handed me that envelope... I was completely anxious. I couldn't have waited another day! But I did wait until Lee got off work!!
So we called our family that lives in town and invited them over.
We had an impromtu gender reveal last night.

I ran by Wal-Mart to grab something sweet and was blessed by the bakery ladies saying "oh hunny, we will make you some cupcakes right now!"
P.S. They informed me that Wal-Mart gives free sugar cookies daily to kids.
Miller L.O.V.E.D his cookie.
Check with your wal-mart! They may give cookies too!
Oh and these cupcakes were economical and delicious!!

My sweet friend, Alicia, took the envelope and filled some boxes with balloons for us!
We had to have 2 boxes because our boxes were sort of small :)

Pink or Blue Balloons?!?

Family pic before we opened the boxes!
Lee wore pink because he thought "girl."
I wore blue for "boy."
Miller was just big brother :)
P.S. I was like the ONLY person guessing boy.
We were so anxious!! The suspense was c.r.a.z.y.

Opening the Boxes!
This picture captures mine and Lee's reaction to seeing what color the balloons were.
Both boxes were open and we could see down in the box, but the balloons hadn't flown up yet :)
Miller is like "what in the world??"

A son! 
Feeling very blessed :) and maybe a tiny bit overwhelmed at the thought of 3 BOYS!!! 

The impromptu party was a success and a lot of fun! 
We spent the rest of the night eating cupcakes, watching Miller run wild, and texting/emailing the video to our family/friends (fighting cellphone technical issues!)

Big Brother enjoying a BLUE cupcake!

Baby Boy's first gifts! Thanks Alicia and Kelli!

Thankful to have a growing family!! 

I am officially a "boy mom." 

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