Monday, April 29, 2013

Since you're pregnant with a boy...

Since Lee and I found out that I am pregnant with another boy, we have been getting lots of questions. If you have asked any of these questions, please do not think they offend me :) I think they are completely appropriate and I understand the reasoning behind them.
But for those of you who have not seen me face-to-face, I decided to answer some of these common questions in a blog post.

1) Since you already have one son and are pregnant with another, why don't you just adopt a girl? Can you switch your gender request in adoption? 
           Yes, you can switch your gender request. However, Lee and I feel strongly that when God first called us to adopt, He was specific about the gender being a boy. That was in 2010. Now 3 years later, God has blessed us with 2 biological sons. God knew in 2010 what our future looked like - including a house full of boy. Yet, He still called us to adopt a boy. So for us - we will continue along that path until He changes it.
I must insert here that this isn't the case for all families. I know plenty of people who switch their gender request for various reasons, and I think it is completely appropriate for each individual situation.

2) Will you have more children? I love this question. My answer is always the same. TODAY, Lee and I both agree that we will have more children. HOWEVER, we only have ONE child at home right now. So ask me again when I have THREE little boys running around and you might get a more accurate answer :)

3) Are you going to name your next child with a name that begins with "M?" 
    Highly unlikely. The whole "M" thing was a complete coincidence. I did not intend for all my kids names to start with the same letter, so this little man's name will probably not start with "M."

4) What are you going to name your son? We actually DO have a name in mind, but are kind of waiting until we are 100% certain before we announce. YES, we are going to tell the name before he is born :)

We are busy doing final preparations for our garage sale THIS SATURDAY!
Please, please keep us in your prayers. Pray specifically that above all else, God's name will be glorified. It's easy to lose focus in all the busyness.

Happy Monday!

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