Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fingerprints Completed!

Yay! So happy to finally get to type this blog! We completed our fingerprints for USCIS today :) I was so nervous about completing the fingerprints (just stuff like finding the building, being on time, leaving/returning to work, and having Miller with us) but we were prayed up and the Lord answered. Everything went so smooth and the fingerprint lady was super sweet! So now, we wait :) We are waiting on our USCIS approval. Please pray for a swift approval!

My favorite statement during fingerprinting was at the end when she stamped my sheet with a big red stamp and said "this is your receipt."
:) mmmm I love completion of steps!

Miller man made his appearance :)
Don't be fooled by that sweet, precious, innocent face! That little man can carry a serious virus and isn't afraid to share it :)) a.k.a. the culprit for recent sickness!! 
He was perfect as always though!

Not our best picture, but we are trying to be conscious about capturing steps of the journey. :)


  1. YAY!!!! I hope that your FDL comes very soon!!!

  2. Now You're official!


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