Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Excitement

We "hospital hopped" this past weekend... From Hattiesburg to Mobile back to Hattiesburg! One thing I learned... I WILL get lost in a hospital without my husband's guidance! And yes, I work in the biggest hospital in the state and still get lost in hospitals.

Baby News:
My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their new baby girl into the world on Saturday.

Raelyn Alise Miller 

My sweet friend Danielle had her little boy Saturday night.

Harper Cole Whittington

Those were the sweet babies we were visiting this weekend! We are very excited about watching them grow!

As for my two babies...
We are one small step closer to Malachi! We officially received our fingerprint appointments in the mail today! Yay! Scheduled for July 19th. I admit... I have been slightly stalking the mailbox. As soon as I saw the mailman drive by I darted out the door to check it. :))
I'm okay with that :)

And for my sweet Miller! He is getting ready to walk y'all! He has been cruising along the couch and pushing stuff while walking for a long time. This weekend he discovered he could stand without holding onto something.

In this video with Rosalie and Jax, he discovers he can stand! Look at that proud little face!

THEN... Tonight he discovered that he just might be able to let go and take a step!! Eeeekkk!!! My baby is growing up!

So... The story behind the following video is that Sha, Ty and myself realized that Miller was about to try to take his first steps! Picture all of us saying "oh my gosh... He's gonna let go! Hurry up. Get your phone. Etc." So... OF COURSE I grab my phone as quick as I can and attempt to turn on the video camera! I'm thinking.. "score" gonna get to video his first steps!! In slow-mo... Miller let's go of the couch... I hit the camera... It takes a PICTURE!! What?? A dang picture! No, no... Hurry... I need VIDEO PLEEEZZE!! By now he's attempting his first steps... So I do what ANY good mother would do! I scream... and yell at him to WAIT and SIT DOWN! This video is the aftermath!

FINALLY... Daddy got home!! Miller was so excited (as always)!  In this video he just shows you his potential :)

Thanks for journeying!

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