Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just gotta talk to the RIGHT person

On my last blog entry, I told you about the USCIS process. Our A and B were not together and our C hadn't even been born yet :) I have good news! Things have changed :)
I called USCIS again today and the lady on the other end of the line was not the same lady I spoke with last time. I explained my case to this lady and she said, "hmm.. It looks like "A" is in (or was in Dallas) and "B" is here in Missouri. I "huffed" inside :) She followed with, "and no your fingerprints (C) haven't been scheduled yet." By now I am not surprised. However, the conversation took a positive spin when she began checking into things and she decided to take action. She said a bunch of words like correspondents, files, coordinators, matching, etc that made about as much sense to me as they do to you. I did what any mom would do and I faked it, "sure. Okay. Sounds good. Thanks so much. That would be great." All I understood was she asked for my number to call me back, so I considered that a positive and moved on :) I changed my prayer to, "Lord, it's not looking like the fingerprint scheduling will take place this week so please, please next week."
(I'm kinda pathetic - i didn't even keep praying the bold prayer of getting it all straightened out this week - after all... It's Thursday AFTERNOON... We are kinda running out of days here.)

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to my voicemail from this lady late this afternoon.

(blog slang inserted)

Mrs Blackburn... I just wanted you to know that I located "A" and "B" and I matched them together for you in one file. They are now in line to be reviewed for "golden ticket" approval. Also, I got your fingerprints "C" scheduled and you will receive that notice in the mail in a few days. I think they're scheduled for the 19th.

What?? Yay!! I'm smiling! Not only did just ONE thing get cleared up, but they ALL did! Thank you Mrs USCIS lady!! Where were you last week and the week before?? I called the SAME number and gave the SAME story. Only one answer- divine timing! Knowing that is what is keeping me "patient." Like I said earlier, I was kinda pathetic to give up on my prayer so quickly!!

Thanks for bearing through all that with me :))) less jargon next blog post!

BIG weekend for us! My sister-in-law is having a baby. Surprise... Boy or girl!! She gets induced in the a.m. I am thinking BOY. Lee thinks GIRL.

And one of my best friends, Danielle, is having a baby tomorrow as well!! Harper Cole. Sweet little boy. Gonna be Miller's buddy!!

Love me some babies!! Praying for these families!

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